Android Wahoo App, not Systm

I have a Wahoo Kickr (refurbished 2018, latest software), but I don’t have Systm. I do have the Wahoo Andorid app on my Pixel 3XL. My question is: is there a way I can upload a Wahoo workout on my phone to Garmin? Thanks for any info. Regards, George

May I ask a clarifying question? a) Are you wanting to upload a completed workout to Garmin to track it? Or b) do want to load a workout to Your garmin headset so you can ride it outdoors? Or something else?

a) I don’t think you can in a fast, simple way. But you can download a .fit file of the workout to your computer and upload it into Garmin Connect (from a computer—I don’t think this works from the app). What’s weird is that SYSTM allows automatic sharing with Garmin. Perhaps you can reach out to support and ask if that capability will be transferred to the Wahoo fitness app too. Another possibility (which is what I do) is to use Strava to track everything. I believe that works with a free Strava account.

b). You can’t, although Wahoo says this functionality is coming.

Finally—a plug. You should try out SYSTM. I got a lengthy free trial with my KICKR, but anyone can get a shorter trial. I like it and converted to a paid subscription.


Thanks very much for the advice AkaPete. I think Strava is a good idea (and easier). Regards, George