Live outdoor rides on System training sessions

I do not want to do all my training indoors. I live in Florida and would like to be able to do some of my training sessions on the road. However, I want to get credit for the workout and have the data uploaded into Wahoo Systems. I use Garmin for my bike computer for my outdoor rides and push those to Strava. Can I do it from these? If I got a Wahoo bike computer does that help with this issue? Any help would be good.

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Outdoor rides done on the wahoo head units now appear in SYSTM. They’ve said that this will be done for other head units in the future.

What you can’t do (yet) is push the SYSTM workout to the headunit so you can ride the workout outdoors.

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@edclay. If you don’t have a Wahoo bike computer you can also use the Wahoo Fitness App to record your rides and they would then be uploaded to SYSTM. You will need to connect your sensors - cadence, speed, HRM (maybe power meter - haven’t tried that).

I use the app to record strength workouts that I do outside of SYSTM using free weights and a pull-up bar and it works great.

I have owned the Bolt for a number of years and just recently bought the Roam for the large display when navigating and would definitely recommend either one. Much of the functionality is set via the companion app making it a lot easier to change settings.

I like the progress stuff in the SYSTM app, with workout history and the badges, that’s massively motivating. However, you won’t get any credit for non-SYSTM activities.

Alternatively, you could use (free) or (ÂŁ10/yr) to track progress. All the strava activities go there and then you track all sorts of stuff.

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Thanks for the help.

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You can also use this for copying the generated FIT files onto your headunit.


Have you just solved the “We are working on the ability to push the workout directly to your Wahoo ELEMNT” quest that we’re all waiting for? That’d be absolutely brilliant!

Well, it’s not direct, you need to copy the files onto your head unit, and you need to export again after updating your 4DP, but sure, it does the job :slight_smile:

I’ve made use of it quite a lot, skipping cadence secondary targets is useful where the effort doesn’t actually change, as my Garmin head unit can’t show them (was getting really short efforts where only cadence would change constantly in some workouts).


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