Announcement: Knight of Sufferlandria Quest

Awesome…well done. I am five weeks behind you. No need to hold the door open, I will follow your lead and bust it down.


What are you waiting for? If I can do it - you will crush it! :muscle:

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Thanks @Critmark!
All the best for your attempt!
Choose the right pace and eat A LOT (even more).

Thanks for the nice accomodation, @Glen.Coutts.
Nice shed - err castle you guys have here. :rofl:

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A big shoutout to @jmckenzieKOS, who saved my a§§ by giving the very important hint to seperate PS from GOAT. Always good to learn from the best…

PS changed to #4 and Best Thing to #8.
„Best Thing“ I could do…

It’s the standard issue mattress around here Sir Gerald. Also, there’s these chairs for you to get uncomfortable on when we get together to celebrate after a right good flogging or ten.
I prefer the barbed one as it enhances the shredded chamois effect but for the more traditionalists among us there is the one with nails, a good choice if you like to swivel while you squirm :slight_smile:

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Exactly what I was looking for, Sir Glen! :joy:
Exquisite taste for furniture.


The Minions ask for a photo for their paperwork.
First shot after last sprint in last video - against John Degebkolb in Roubaix. Nobody looks fresh then…


The expressions of pain, misery and agony is just priceless. Something even MasterCard can’t buy. :smile: