Super Early Announcement: Knighthood v2

After much discussion with the Gods, Gurus, Sages, Yogis and the other very sound minded people, I have decided to mount an assault to attain another Knighthood in this realm on 25/May/2024. :crossed_fingers: :pray:

I know what y’all must be thinking, that’s 6 months away! Yes, I am aware of it, but I think I need that amount of time to drafting a proper attack plan due to some niggles with my enemies. As Lao Tzu once said:

If you know the enemy and know yourself, you need not fear the result of a hundred battles. If you know yourself but not the enemy, for every victory gained you will also suffer a defeat.

As for now, I have mustered up my play list, but the order and intensities are still pretty much tentative.

Looks like it will be quite a day for me and I really hope the weather would be forgiving cometh that day. :crossed_fingers:

Edit: I have yet to come up with a story line. Any suggestions?


Fantastic! I love a good second quest. :grin:

Excited to see both Cobbler and Violator on that list!

I am assume the Counter column is your planned order. Having them in order and also out of order is a very minion things to do. :wink:

You will smash it! Can’t wait!


Following Vioaltor, at #9 of all places, with 14 VG will be lots of fun (for us to watch)


I did Violator at #3 for my second quest. Inserting it anywhere is brutal. At #9 is just asking for epic suffering both for video #9 and #10. Massive salute to your brave insanity for this plan.


Actually the counter is just a count of 1 to 10
The ride order is to the left of the intensity column. But the orders of suffering is still pretty much tentative.:sweat_smile:

I really have doubts #9 is set to be Violator in the final playlist. At this juncture, I haven’t had any back up rides like I did in my first attempt.

But like I said, I might actually remove Violator from this list because it really does scares me and having it at #9 is just madness. :face_holding_back_tears:

The playlist is once again tentative.

P/s: I didn’t realise it until last night, I have done 14 VG that many times already and that’s possibly why I decided to put it #10

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It is precisely for THIS reason that you MUST include it in your 2nd quest. My 2 cents. Leave it until the end and give it all you’ve got left.


I remember myself chickening out with Team Scream the last time out. Perhaps I will swap one of those rides out for Violator to be further up.

The UN HRC might scrutinise this attempt for possible human rights violation :sweat_smile:


Definitely need to do Team Scream AND Violator then.

So let it be written…


Perhaps Team Scream then Violator :thinking:


Sounds perfect for #9 and 10. I like to save my nemesis for #9 and then the epic finish for last. :slight_smile:

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Oh wait! I think we have some confusion.
Violator is actually #2 not number #9 on the ride order :sweat_smile:

The counter is basically just a count of the number of rides. The plan is to get violated as early as possible and rue the day at the end of it all.


No need to wait until the end of it all. You can start rueing now. Rue away, Sir Darren, rue away!


Rueing every moment I decided take on this stooooopid endeavour again. Hahaha


Right. But maybe you should switch them to be that way. :slight_smile:


Suffer more sooner than later I’d say.
I haven’t put in one or two back up rides should I not feel up to it

And a story line too

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That is the opposite of my approach. Maybe that’s cuz I’ve started out hot on one too many big rides and suffered the consequences of late stage struggles. Now, I make every effort to NOT burn the matches too early. But hey, you do what works for you, Sir. This won’t be your first rodeo :wink:


We are all guilty of that. My most recent one was the L’etape ride back in July, where I ended up with cramps at least thrice and that was despite replenishing my salts on a regular basis. Haven’t had that sort of cramp in ages.

Time to get to some meticulous planning again in the coming weeks.
The irony of planning one’s own suffering. :rofl:

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It’s been so many moon since I have made my intentions known for a second Knighthood, and guess what? Time does fly and tomorrow, 25/May/2024 is judgement day :upside_down_face:

The Menu d’Suffering hasn’t changed much. Only the order.

And I had a memory flashback of my first attempt just 2 days ago.

So how it is going to go tomorrow?
I really don’t know because I had a week off the bike 3 weeks ago and haven’t been doing much training since starting a new job. So fingers crossed :crossed_fingers: that it will be all well tomorrow.

Once again, I will be sure to update a much as possible over here and over at the Face Page. I might even go live. Haha


well, you know the way by now.


In the entire Sufferfest library, I honestly cannot think of a more auspicious opening to a quest than Violator! May GvA be with you, Sir @DarrenWCKam :pray: