🚀🚀🚀 Announcing: SYSTM, the new home of The Sufferfest 🚀🚀🚀

Does the new app give us elevation gain??


Wait… Did someone get excited and post this early? Wahoo SYSTM Training App - YouTube


Also on my play store:

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You can download it from SYSTM Training Program & Workout App | Wahoo Fitness UK. You can download for iOS, android, windows, mac (intel & M1).


Super happy with the app in Android. Well done!

I like new strength training library and lot of new cycling workout as well.

But the plan is not complete yet, I can’t find plan such as speed demon or power builder. Any plan to add those?


Have you browsed ProRides? On Location? A week with?
There’s a good chunk of new content in there already and simply the change of underlying platform will make it a lot easier for them not only to add content, but potentially features in future also.

It’s not a step-change, in terms of suddenly there being double the content or something like that, but I don’t think that could ever have been a realistic expectation. It’s a platform with massively better foundations and a good helping of new content, though… IMO.


Had a quick play around with the android app, good work to everyone involved, completely understand the rebrand, it will be great to see more people joining the platform and it good to see the new channels for everything.

Already looking forward to all of the new content and optimizations that your new platform allows for.



They’re there but…sort of in disguise as the building blocks plans.


Already found the app and logged in with my Wahoo Account. However, my SUF Account is different so now I’m not subscribed nor is my data available. I guess we will find out how to merge accounts in about 40min anyway but I just want to point it out already :smiley:
Love the clean look already!


You can log in with your Sufferfest account details? If you had both with the same email address then you might need to wait for instructions.

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Cool stuff guys

Only had a few minutes to check it out as I’m still at work

Love the prorides category

Will definitely check out the new app on my kickr tonight

Im ready to suffer in Wahoolandria or whatever it’s called SYSTM KICKR it’s all good


First look at the app and it looks very nice. See that the suffering isn’t impacted (no-one’s going to avoid 9 hammers…). Like the overall look and feel and will start a new session on Monday next week (I’ve been waiting).

Also, the Pro Rides section looks great (I really enjoyed Norway in the ToS)


nope, Wahoo Account is a completely different Account with different e-Mail address.
Was not able to log in with my SUF account, it only allows me to log in with my wahoo account

Blown away. Phenomenal work bringing SUF so far in such a short time. :clap::clap::clap:
There’s so much to take in at once, feels like drinking from a firehose right now.
Chapeu :tophat:


You can drop a note now to theminions@thesufferfest.com and they’ll help you out.


Where should I drop information regarding bugs?
Found a small one, which should be an easy fix.

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Yep, logging in across the two apps can be done!

New content & features are an ongoing focus for our teams - and the new app has made implementing that work a lot easier. The Sufferfest app has been relatively static for a while, but the velocity we’ve achieved (with beta testing) has been a huge improvement.

Great to have you onboard and we’re excited for the right now and what we’ve got up our sleeves cc @X.VALENTYN @Sir_Yotam :volcano:

I wonder, is your Sufferfest subscription active? Best bet is to contact The Minions, they’re rock stars

We’re just about to turn on the customer service channels/links inside the app (~15mins), but you can let me know as well. We have several known issues in the backlog…pesky bugs


The minions - they have the means to document and communicate these internally.


Those Pro Rides look awesome… Norway was absolutely Epic! Now to see Strade Bianchi and other rides is very cool!


The new app looks brilliant. I was a bit unsure that it could be more hype than content, but it looks ace. It will take a little bit of time to get use to the new way to navigate around but great job!