ANNOUNCING: The New Sufferlandrian Flag & Coat of Arms

I don’t have the years history with Sufferfest that many here do but I have to say I love the new design.

No disrespect intended to people who identify with the old (classic?) flag but Bleeding Eyes just doesn’t really work for me. Over the years I’ve experienced many unpleasent sensations on the bike but I have never remotely felt my eyes were bleeding or about to start bleeding!

Heraldic Laser Goat Rampant certainly has the look of something that came out of a graphic design studio which isn’t a surprise with Wahoo on board, nor is the widespread use of SUF in the branding which I think has broader appeal than Sufferfest (hopefully there are no plans for it to become Sufferfst).

Overall it’s a :+1: from me


If these guys are quick and add some red paint they could make a killing

(original image from that classic of classics, A Complete Guide to Heraldry, by Arthur Charles Fox-Davies A Complete Guide to Heraldry) :goat:

As could those selling tat based on the coat of arms of Istria

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Open your eyes folks!
Sadly another sign of the takeover of a bland corporate culture after the Wahoo takeover.
The original logo captured the irreverent spirit that is what made sufferfest different. Sure it could change, but the replacement is weak.
I’ve a question for Wahoo - You bought sufferfest for what it was.
Why are you apparently happy to crush the distinctive style that made it stand alone?
You can’t beat Swift. Be proud of Sufferfest’s difference!


How ever you water it down, it’s a Cop out. Big corporate company buys out small independent and slowly turns it into something unrecognisable.
First The Sufferfest is shortened to Suf, now the flag and coat of arms, what’s next? A button press to give other riders a SUF on :+1:? (:face_vomiting:) I joined The Sufferfest in 2015 because it was different, there was no cotton wool, no warm cuddles, no sweet birdsong in the background, it was about working hard and being told to go harder, it made no apologies, seems Wahoo have gone into the Toolshed and found 15 files to smooth of the edginess The Sufferfest once had . I’ll check my calendar, it must be April 1st? The Goat is a joke right?
A sad day. :disappointed:


Any way to ship to the UK without the massive import duties that were a problem with previous orders?


I think it’s fair to say that a literal Nazi flag is problematic, no matter how edgy you want the sufferfest to remain.


This flag is the G.O.A.T.

I think the Goat design is a simple, iconic image that also touches on the humour you find weaved into the videos. I really like it.

I understand that some people are seeing changes happening, and getting worried where it may lead to…but surely the core of what Sufferfest is all about is the video content. That doesn’t change (as has been repeatedly assured).

In my view the content has actually got a lot better since the early niche days (I bought a few videos way back in 2013). As always, it still delivers brutally good workouts and huge amounts of motivation to push harder but I love the huge amount of content, wider variety of workouts, slick app and integrated plans etc.

At the same time I recognise that a few of my cyclist friends are still a little put off by the image that Sufferfest it is all about 100% suffering and no fun. Once you are ‘in’ I think you completely get it. My hope is that those doors can be opened a little to get more people in… but I still think this is completely compatible with keeping the future video content completely aligned with today’s. Make everything up to the end of the warm up as fluffy as you want!


Yesterday when I saw the new design I thought omg… no sufFERFEST, no more than you, no sufFER, no obey, no iwbmat…

… closed the browser and went to bed :angry:

today i ordered a cycling kit, because the design is nice. :+1: (and my wife gave her okay :joy:)

living in germany a design which doesn’t look like the black/white/red flag is defenitly better for not being put in a wrong political corner.


The kit looks amazing. The goat… hmmm… I’m really not sure. I get that the colours needed to change, and it’s Avery good reason to do so, but the goat looks more like a novelty item. Like a one off for this years Tour, rather than a lasting image. I would almost preferred a black flag with “SUF” on it.

Does this mean the app icon will be getting an update too? A move away from the red white and black?


Today’s plan ride in honour of the greatest logos in history!!


lol, coat of Istria is from my country and a part of a national coat of arms of Croatia (along with some other animals).

I guess you could find a goat in Slovenia’s beer brand as well:

But the lasers of the goat in Sufferfest coa make the application of the logo a little harder to look good in cases where they (the lasers) are not bounded by a shield outline or a box so I think it’s a design flaw. Compare it to the original inspiration of the lion and you’ll clearly see the difference.

I also don’t like the positioning on the bibs, a goat with lasers on the arse, i mean, it’s tacky. The underside of the casquette looks like a good application and socks aren’t bad, but I feel that overall, the symbol is overused.

Comparing to the previous knight kit edition - that one was clean, minimalistic, colors well balanced, coat of arms and messaging to the point.


Just remember that some long lost tradition dictates that the animal face the flagpole (so it’s kinda backwards in the picture versus the norm of flagpole being on the left). If it faces away then it’s running from the battle and is considered a sign of cowardice. But then traditionally flag animals don’t have lasers - this goat can likely run whichever way it damn well pleases and still beat the Couchlandrian invaders.


You’re goddamned right. With all the points you mention.

I’ve been a Sufferlandrian since downloadable videos. I appreciate The Sufferfest because it is different than just a ‘training program’. It has motivated me for years through the unique drivers centered around the ‘Sufferlandrian’ characteristics. I’m trying to be open-minded and, as some have said, give these changes more time. But it is difficult not to be initially disappointed with the recent trends away from ‘traditional’ Sufferlandria. The two day reduction in the ToS was an unfavorable surprise. The new flag and CoA (again, initially) reinforce that step away from what I thought Sufferlandria represented. I’ll give it some time to sink in, and the community will likely keep me here. But I worry that the writing is on the wall and that Sufferlandria is headed in a direction that is more like existing ‘training programs’ and less like the unique experience that has been a motivation for me.


Good to see the effort and especially the continued engagement with the community in the forum and facebook group.

just as an anecdote about the branding. i joined the sufferfest in october and have been shouting its wonders from the rooftops to my friends. several seemed interested in the plans and videos but are turned off immediately by the name “sufferfest.” had a text from one just this weekend saying, “I just can’t get behind a name like Sufferfest… Exercising shouldn’t be all about suffering…”

I think this is a good move for all of the reasons Sir David mentioned and captures the motivations of many sufferlandrians as well as the tongue-in-cheek humor of the community.


I can appreciate the need to change the eyes flag. Although I liked it, perhaps the colours of it should have been adjusted as soon as it was err flagged.

Coat of arms great and no need to change.

Laser goat flag. More likely to cause eye bleeds than the workouts. Looks tacky and frankly an embarrassment.


I’m very happy about this announcement. While I deeply feel those long time Sufferlandrians who lament the change because of their long time loyalty to this mythical nation and it’s symbols, I for myself am 100% with this change! For me the symbol of the laser goat truly expresses the Sufferlandrian spirit in the way @David.McQuillen.KoS stated. But it also represents exactly the kind of humour the SUF workout videos are about. And as being from Germany I really thank you that you took our discomfort with the former flag into your considerations.


It needs “I.W.B.M.A.T.T.K.Y.A.T.” on the flag and coat of arms :frowning:


Hey Holger. I’d never connected any resemblance. I still don’t see much however thanks for sharing your discomfort. Pleased it’s been redesigned to alleviate that. All the best.


Those words might be too strong for the new Sufferlandria. Maybe… I’ll work out pretty hard today to compete well with you tomorrow. :confused: Bleh.