Official Poster of the 2021 Tour of Sufferlandria

RIDERS! It is upon us. The Tour of Sufferlandria Route has been announced. As is custom, the Official Poster for the Tour of the Greatest Mythical Nation in the World is also unveiled.

This Tour is quite unlike the others (well, actually, it’s exactly the same in terms of brutality – it’s just shorter) and so we decided to go with a poster that also breaks from the past. This year, a glorious and heraldic version of our most beloved Laser Goat in all its awe-inspiring, terrible laser-ness takes center stage.

You can download it from this post as an image. Alternatively, if you want it nice and big, you can purchase it and posters from past Tours here (all profits go to the Davis Phinney Foundation):

(Note: We are not doing a T-shirt at RedBubble this year due to widespread piracy of our images there. Rather, we’ll release our own T-shirt in a few weeks.)


Pirates bad. Laser Goats good!


This will look great in the first place of - hopefully - a long line of tour posters in my garage. :heart:

The modest design is very pleasing. It’s design choice is pretty similar to the 2017 version.

It ranks in my top three posters ever made:

  1. 2014
  2. 2013
  3. 2021
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I love the notebook, imagine others cowering as you take that into a meeting*

*whatever they are


Thanks! I love the poster. It wasn’t easy to break from the design we’ve always had for posters, but with a Tour that was a little different than past Tours it felt like the right time to try something new.

LASER :goat: !!!

love it, pure evil.

Hmmm. I like it but the break from tradition… struggling a bit with that. I mean, only 7 stages, no triple headers,* and now no volcano or fluffy…

Ill have to have a rethink on my bib design this year.

*GVA has clearly lost none of his evilness S1 + S2 prove that!!!


Love the Laser Goats they are Baaaaaaaad (sorry couldn’t resist!)

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Wait… David?! I though this is the whole poster:


Ha, clever! Are you and Sir @Francois-Wahoo like brothers from another mother or something?

Oh and I just stole it for the team photo because my creativity is on a go slow today!


Looks great. Big change from the past posters, but how many pictures of people running from Fluffy or Lava does one need…


I think the answer is 8 (9 if you count SUF Day 2017)