So for absolute clarity - what criteria is the badge based on? Starting and finishing within those days fir all four rides, irrespective of order, no 50hr day stuff, and therefore based on time zone?

Means people won’t be writing in afterwards about the badge hopefully



Great cause and I’m a sucker for badges…I’m in!


We’re on it!


Found this on The Sufferfest YouTube Channel:

Scheduled for Mar 28, 2021

Join Coach Suzie Snyder and Kathryn Bertine to ride Fight Club and discuss Kathryn’s documentary Half the Road, equality in cycling, and more! Write in your questions live to have them answered by Kathryn herself!


So the questions that remain are whether you are doing Team Scream with the rides on the 27th or the 28th (or both) and then in what order? :wink:

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Questions re the ‘window’ are also being asked here (@rebecca.bell @dylan.robbins as the two wahooligans in this thread)

:sob: :sob: :sob:

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I’m currently planning doing all four on the same day (just because that’s the only way I’ve discovered to fit them in during the window).



You should be fine to do them in your local time on those days. Of course, if anyone runs into issues with the badge you know we minions are always happy to get things fixed up! (Submit a request – Sufferfest Support)

Alright. I am in! Looking at this to help me get my mojo back after having a couple of weeks of involuntary time off the bike and a big loss of motivation after that. Gonna do it “with” a few local Knights too!


I also plan all four in one day - Sunday, because on Saturday (damn winter is supposed to let go) and I have plans for outdoor bike trips. Spring is coming! :grin:


@rebecca.bell Hi, is this going to be on ?

@Luka No, we are forgoing the dashboard this time. The challenge is available to apply to your calendar, which makes it nice and easy to see when the rides are complete. We know that it is an extra step to go out to the challenge page and we thought this might make things a little more streamlined :slight_smile:


Hi Rebecca
I heard about the challenge so I did my 1st listed activity (I just want to ride) on the 25th. I only just read that you apply for the challenge by loading the Step Up training plan, which I have just done (27th).
Q. Is it necessary to load the plan in to the calendar?
Q. Does the ride on the 25th still count toward the challenge?
I am still a newb to the ways of Sufferfest.
cheers Greg

This works out great! Knock out the 4 rides in one day as part of my KoS training plan. Great cause and great challenge. Keep it up SUF!

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I don’t think you need to have loaded the plan necessarily. My guess (which hopefully Rebecca will confirm) is that as long as you do the rides between March 25 and 29 inclusive, in your time zone, you’ll qualify for the challenge.

I’ve got the plan loaded, but I’m going to be a bit all over the place with doing the rides. They’ll be out of order, and on different dates to those in the plan. A little thing called outdoor riding is going to get in the way of doing the schedule rides tomorrow!


Thanks. I keep reading conflicting info.
Anyway I have done 3/4 rides. I did Who Dares and Half The Road, while doing The Pretzel on Zwift this morning.
So I also got a Zwift route badge with double XP, for those Zwifters out there :grin:
And I support the cause!

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Isn’t Half the Road a brilliant movie?


If by “brilliant” you mean “rage-inducing over the continued inequities baked into our societ(ties)”, then yes, it’s brilliant.


(It is REALLY good!).


@greg_c no worries, you don’t need to load the plan to the calendar! That’s just useful to keep track of the rides and we know people like to make those turn green :wink: Your ride on the 25th should certainly count. If for any reason you don’t get the badge go ahead and submit a ticket and we’ll get you taken care of!