December 2022 Challenge

Here is our next Monthly Challenge! The whole of December to complete 4 workouts, let us know which one you find most inspiring.

Film Festival

To wrap up 2022, we bring you film festival month. As the year comes to an end and family commitments can take over, be sure to keep your training consistent and your body ticking over.

If you have additional time, we recommend complementing your training with some mobility work.

When can I complete this challenge?

Anytime in December

Workouts for the December Challenge

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Consider it done sir :+1::movie_camera::movie_camera::biking_man:


Excellent, looking forward to doing these.

The only one I’ve done before is Fursa so the badge is a good reason to tick some more off :slight_smile:

Mixing these in with AWW UCI should make a nicely varied programme for early December :+1:


So Stoked to do Ride for your L1fe. My son rides for the team that Robbe Cuerens of Team Novo Norkdisk rode for as an amateur. Looking forward to the story especially when it is so close to home. I know his grand dad who is still part of the team and an awesome guy, a great inspiration.
Making of the hour is good as is Fursa, must get round to Wahoo Frontiers too.
Challenge accepted.


Excellent idea! Looking forward to adding these into the December program.

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Wahoo Frontiers???
2020 or The Women of 24 hrs in Old pueblo???


Good question!

Clicking the Wahoo Frontiers link in @Coach.Rupert.H’s post above takes me to the ‘Wahoo Frontiers 2020’ ride description.


Good questions, it is the Wahoo Frontiers 2020 workout :slight_smile:


Just did “Ride for Your Life” for the first time and was impressed by how much effort went into making this video, as you can see from the four minutes of credits at the end, but also by the fact that pro racing is just incredibly hard, even without the added issue of athletes dealing with diabetes. Of course, the purpose of the team is to promote the idea that you can not only live with diabetes but actually be a high-level athlete with proper management. All indications point to a global diabetes epidemic, which is to some extent preventable, but for those who have to live with it I hope that the video’s message brings some comfort. Still, it must be tough to be a hungry pro racer on a team that had its last good year in winning terms in 2012!


Coach Rupert:
Can we get a method to the madness and have a way to track how we are progressing on the Challenge?


Hey James,
Sorry we can’t get the breakdown to appear on the progress page in SYSTM at the moment.
The best way to make sure you get all the workouts done is to click on the hyperlinks above and schedule them on your SYSTM calendar throughout December so you will be able to get them done. We have not created a training plan for these challenges as we want to make sure everyone has the flexibility to complete them when best suits.


Gonna be tough to get these done along with the Week with UCI during the hotter part of the year in Oz. Think I need to get a bigger fan … :rofl:


For these challenges I’d still quite like some form of plan, because then it puts all the sessions in to the calendar and I can then move to suit. It is otherwise a bit of manual back and forth and easy to miss a session, particularly with no progress page.
Just a thought.


I just <~CTRL~> clicked on the links in the original post and scheduled all four workouts for the last day of the month - only took a few seconds! I can easily bring an individual ride forward to “today” as and when I want to tick it off.


This is a good point.
Though I mostly read the forums/web on a device without Systm installed so the links wouldn’t work. I could look to use a different machine though.

In the no Systm event should they link to the web based version? I had thought that they didnt but ought to check again.

Opening the links in a new tab brings them up in the web version of Systm so assuming you’re already logged in on the browser on that device it should just work!

I tried it just after posting above and you’re absolutely right. I’ve no idea what happened before. Maybe I wasn’t logged in. Or maybe I was being an idiot…

Good news that it’s working properly now! :+1:


Ride For Your L1fe - what a great story. A really interesting insight into what people with Type 1 diabetes have to live with, and that this doesn’t limit their ability to compete at an elite level.

I remember watching Milan-San Remo last year, and seeing the Novo Nordisk riders in the breakaway - it’s good to see some of the back story to the team and the riders.

It makes me realize how I take so many things for granted. Inspiring and thought-provoking.


I was really impressed with the very realistic way they presented the issue. My daughter is a Type 1 diabetic. It turned her life upside down, but not over. She was diagnosed one week before graduating from college. Three months later she started law school, in an honors program.

I’ve said many times, I’m no where near as strong as she is. And I mean it. It has it’s challenges, but G_d help the person who tells her she can’t do anything she wants to do because of the diabetes.

Loved the video. Doing it for the Dec challenge will be the third time for me.