Anyone familiar with Bkool?

With the end of RGT, and all signs that Wahoo is in trouble (cash grab last fall and now RGT closing less than 2 year since its acquisition) I am exploring other options. Bkool popped up but I have never heard of them. Anyone have any experience with them?

They used to make trainers (may still do?!) and the software was kind of intended as the subscription side of the business from memory

I tried them over a year ago. It was okay. The TrainingPeaks integration was atrocious.

I think they sold their trainer business to concentrate on software.

Tried it a couple of years ago. They seemed to offer a lot of different types of riding - Zwift/RGT style graphics, videos like Rouvy/Fulgaz, and didn’t they have spin sessions like Peloton?

I’m interested as well in anyone’s experiences… in particular their custom routes (like “magic roads” on RGTRIP)

I’ve not tried it for more years than I can recall, but they were the OG “magic ride” guys; at the time the graphics were still really clunky, but IIRC even back then they had some nice additional features like variable/live weather conditions e.g. current wind direction/strength.

It was also incredibly limited from a cycling training POV at the time, let alone any of the other training aspects of Systm, but I’ve not been tracking them.

They have a 30 day free trail, so you could always give it a go

Has anyone used Rouvy recently?. They used to allow you to upload your own videos, but I have been told that is not allowed anymore. It has some structured workouts as well.

That’s the plan after I figure out what Z has to offer. I am not hopeful however, given some of its features don’t work on a PC, which is what I use.

It has been a few years for me and I have read the same thing about uploading rides and videos being cancelled.

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I still use Rouvy.

They disabled their uploading rides app. A while ago, I asked them about it, and they said they hoped to offer it again in the future. Nonetheless, I have noted recently upload routes from people other than ROUVY, but I have not checked if the app has been revised.

You can upload or create workouts using the web application.

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This all explains why the latest videos I can find on BKool “magic roads” is from 2017.

The problem is always GPX quality. Neither raw ride data nor raw route builder data are sufficient. This is why programs like GPXMagic or the relatively obscure processGPX are needed. Hopefully someone does at least as good of a job as RGT has done… maybe Indie Velo in 2024.

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