App ergonomics and suggestions


A few suggestions (I’m using Windows app only)
Could you please make the scrollbar wider, and more visible?
Could we have a small icon in the calendar on in the workout that mentions this is a no-sound workout? Too often (and probably because my memory is being turned off by the suffering), I get the message at the beginning of the video, but am too lazy to get off the bike to start a podcast.
Because HR zones are not changed when a workout is performed at reduced intensity, would it be possible not to display those? Confusing for newcomers.


You can already stop the HR view, just go into settings > display. I have mine off permanently.

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I second your scroll bar width/visibility and option to turn off the HR zone requests :+1:


Thanks Ross, but I don’t want to stop displaying HR, only the zones.


I certainly wouldn’t mind an improvement to the slider bar.

RE HR… I never train to HR in reality, certainly not on interval sessions, but I record my data on my Garmin so I show HR on that as I’m doing a SUF session but I never have HR displayed on the app.

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I agree with having a note or icon somewhere to denote that a workout has no music. By the time the workout has started, it’s a bit late so I end up just suffering with silence.

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