Apple TV app

For training with videos that approach really sucks. The apps data fields on the TV are just enormous and take away the immersions into the great sufferfest video and music. A true Apple TV interface will have small but readable data fields that leaves lots of space for the content. I tried the iPhone mirroring and was not impressed at all.


I tend to disagree. In terms of reliability the BT connection for ATV has been pretty bad, frequent sensor drops.
Also using power from the trainer wouldn’t be my preferred setup, so having to connect power meter AND trainer is a must.
It looks like an appealing solution overall, I agree, but as I said my experience using it with Zwift has been sub par.

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I have no BT connexion issues. I use Apple TV 4K, Tacx Neo, Wahoo arm strap HRM. Power from the Neo is fine and in line with my Stages gen 3 power meter, as it should be, so it does not matter which I use.


I can second no issues with bt connections on apple tv 4k. Trainer does power, speed, cadence, wahoo tickr chest strap does hrm (not my first choice, but it was free :sunglasses:).

I’d rather use apple watch, but BlueHeart workaround is so iffy, I lost about 3-4mins out of 9min break during Knighthood due to having to reset BlueHeart & suff app for every video). Ended up deleting BlueHeart.

Apple tv gui would definitely be the ultimate suff experience and one less battery powered device to worry about for screen mirroring.


I wasn’t suggesting it was better, simply providing a suggested workaround for people.

Very disappointing. I thought all trainer apps had apple TV apps these days. That’s why I bought an apple TV for my garage (only bit of apple kit I own).
As there’s no way of getting sufferfest easily on my garage tv I won’t be giving it a try.

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As I said, only bit of apple kit I own.

There are apps for that on Windows. There are also Android apps, but the Sufferfest Android app is still in Beta.

I would also prefer an apple TV app, but on odd days when my wife and I are riding at the same time, avoiding who gets the computer/who has to use the phone is a good idea.

I find it funny that @David.McQuillen.KoS mentioned “big news” and “something quite big” with the platform and everybody has glossed over it as if it wasn’t said. I’m very keen to hear what the roadmap looks like, but the challenge is that as soon as you say anything, David will get the “your priorities are wrong, it’s not what I want” arguments.

I have absolutely no issues with BT’g my KickR bike and its metrics to my AppleTV+ and using my Fenix 6Sapphire as well to transmit HR data. I get it all started on my iMac Pro, then I mirror it to my AppleTV+ via a Samsung Smart Tv. I configure the screen share on my iMac and BAM, I’m good to go.

AppleTV+ is the name of the service, AppleTV is the name of the device/app

I don‘t believe anybody is glossing over it.

Did you decide to do the Tour of Sufferlandria with us?

My guess is everybody is busy prepping for the tour and the rest will come afterwards. Let‘s try to be patient, I know it‘s hard.

When you say everybody … I’m not sure that’s true - I’m only a use case of 1, but for me that’s great news… development happening and moreto play with whatever that is sounds great

And yeah - agree … the company releasing loads of roadmap stuff would do exactly that - hundreds of people would be on the case. I agree - just accepting that they’re doing stuff works well for me

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Yes. I signed up for the tour.

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Is there a feature request thing somewhere? I was itching to get back to SUF being totally bored of Zwift - only to find it no longer supports the p1s - while my power looks awesome doubled, this is not helpful.

The only alternative is to try the ANT dongle with the laptop - so I have to buy MORE stuff - as well as drag my laptop and leads out of the office every time I want to train.

If they could fix the p1s support that would help - but surely an Apple TV app is a must if they want to compete with zwift?

Isn’t that the whole point of cycling, in general? :wink:

(But, seriously, while I would like [and have led the chorus in asking for] a tvOS version of SUF, I’ve found I’m actually quite satisfied using a MacMini with a somewhat elaborate ANT+ setup to do just that. No additional companion app required, streaming what music [or occasional film] content I desire in glorious 720p? Not a bad way to spend an evening…or early morning as is more often the case.)


Erm - no. No it’s not.

I have now tried using the ANT+ dongle, which does eliminate the issue on the p1s. This only strengthens my position that this is pure lazy programming - how much effort can it possibly be to add a ‘half what you said’ button for devices?

That combined with the fact that the app is very power hungry, forcing me to unplug my (now sweaty) work laptop for anything more than probably 50mins, the fact you need VERY good wifi for it to run smoothly - or download the many, many GB of videos in advance.

I’m out until they can fix it - which is a shame, as I do truly believe SUF is a better training environment for gains. But Zwift just WORKS - on any device I have, with ALL my devices, every time.