Are there 30-40 min training plans?

  1. I am finished my outdoor cycling commute for the season but because I am still working, I have 30 -40 min in the morning to cycle on my home trainer. Are there videos and training plans for a wahooligan time-crunched cyclist?

2-3x a week I have been cycling to work 1:00 - 1:25 each way depending on weather and which bike I am riding. Have been doing it for 26 years and am now a senior (age 61). I have recently discovered sufferfest and before I sign up… would the program accommodate my 30-40 min at-home schedule? I can do longer on the weekend, but not on weekdays.


You can sort the list of sessions by duration and pick what suits.


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Thank you!!


Hello and welcome, @Velominata.

I think the plans don’t normally incorporate the shortest workouts, but you could substitute the recommended one for a shorter one with a similar focus, or you could pause and skip forward a few minutes to shorten the session.

Since you’re cycling to work after training, you could even look at what you’d miss and attempt to do that part during your commute.

Good luck!


Hey Linda,
Welcome to the platform and I hope you are enjoying it so far! As peter mentioned you can pick your workouts by sorting them by duration.
Alternatively looking at training plans I can suggest a couple of options:

  • We have an eSports plan targeted at sub20minute events so as a result the rides are usually around 40mins going up to an hour
  • Our ALL IN plans have less frequent rides (3/week) at around an hour each

I hope this helps you with your decision :slight_smile:


My cycling commute of 1:15 has ended for the season. I can’t do an hour at home instead of the commute but I can do 30-40 min. Have had a few responses so I think there will be videos for me even if I have to stop a longer one and resume another day. Thanks for your response!


I haven’t started it yet. Had expected today to be my last commuting day but alas too cold rainy and windy. I’m kind of a fair weather girl (senior). Will look at the options this weekend. Thanks for your response!

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