Need Help Please New to SYSTM

Hello, I really need some help please. I am 75 years old with various health issues. I need to do one and a half hours of training each day to keep the parts that are working in good shape. I now have a Wahoo Turbo Snap trainer using my Elemnt Bolt and my HRM TICKRfit. All I need is a weekly training plan which will give me the motivation I need. Can anyone please recommend how I can set up one with SYSTM which is straightforward to set up?

Welcome to the forum!

There are a couple ways to proceed, but I want to start with a threshold question: how intensely are you able to workout given your health issues (this is a question for your doctor) and how intensely do you want to workout?

Many (not all) of the SYSTM videos and workouts offer interval training at pretty high intensity and most are designed to last under an hour—although you can certainly do more than one. There are some easier videos/workouts that you’ll find in the Inspiration channel in the library or you can use an Open workout and set your own intensity, play your own music, or just watch a movie. The “plans” all have at least 2 or 3 high intensity interval sessions per week. If you need to or want to limit intensity, you’ll want to build you own plan—maybe working through the inspiration videos (and might want to consider a different app with more lower intensity options). If you are good with intervals, you can start with the 6 week Fitness Kickstart plan and graduate to something like the 12 week All Purpose plan.

If 90 minutes a day is essential, you’ll need to add easy extra sessions to keep your legs moving after most of the videos. If you aren’t an experienced cyclist, it will take some time to build up to 90 minutes on the bike.

Also, if you’ve never had a professional bike fit, you might want to consider that. A poor fit can cause all manner of pain, discomfort and injury.


Hi Colin, and welcome.

Is your question related to the tech-side of things, i.e. how to set up the electronics to make it work, or are you after advice on how to set up a training plan?

Out of interest, are you planning on 1.5 hours per day on the bike, or is the cycling part of a wider activity plan?


I would suggest that you talk to one of the coaches (which has a slight charge). I would imagine you would need some mix of yoga, strength training, and cycling in your plan.

The training plans that exist within SYSTM are really for self-coached athletes. Although we help each other out in the forums in which the coaches also participate, the judgements about intensity, the need for rest and recovery, whether to skip a workout, what to eat, etc. are really made by ourselves.