Training Plans - Outdoor x Indoor Mix, no longer available?

Hi all,

I’ve gone ahead to transfer myself over the wahoo SYSTM (albeit a little delayed), and am confused by the new training options.

I am looking to implement a new training program that allows a mixture of indoor / outdoor cycling as I would normally on The Sufferfest.

However, when selecting Cycling programs there does not appear to have any options for a mixed indoor / outdoor program. Is this no longer available?


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I don’t know what sort of plan you have looked at (e.g. Grand Fondo, metric century, etc.) but, from my experience, most of the plans include longer Endurance rides on the weekend.

These can easily be ridden outside or simply replaced by whatever outdoor activity you usually do (group ride, favourite loop around your home town, etc.).

To answer your question directly, as I understand it: no, there are no explicit indoor/outdoor plans but the expectation is that riders can choose to substitute their own outdoor rides when it suits them.

Just be careful to not overdo the intensity in any given week, according to the plan.

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Thanks for the response. Much appreciated.

Previously in The Sufferfest, there was an option to choose explicitly the outdoor rides as part of your program rather than the substituting them yourself. This made it slightly easier to keep track of intensity and plan the week.

I think the change, such as it is, is the plan states a 2 hour endurance ride. It doesn’t really matter, in terms of the plan, if you do this indoor or outdoor as long as you can keep it at endurance effort.

Subsequently, it’s quite easy to accommodate such a plan if you want to take in your usual group ride in the weekend, or whatever.

Personally it works for me but I can see how it’s a bit too vague for others.

would also be nice for the outdoor rides to show up in systm too - I mean if TP and strava can do it…


This isn’t really something that interests me, to be honest. I use TrainingPeaks already.

Currently SYSTM doesn’t track metrics like total TSS or produce relative fitness levels like CTL or such (that I’m aware of) so I can’t see why adding external activities matters so much.

One way past this, if you just wanted to add the time done, is to schedule an Open video or Endurance video and simply tick it off as done in the calendar.

If SYSTM gets around to tracking metrics then I can see the full value of adding in external activities.

Just IMO.

yeah but I do not really want to subscribe to TP or strava - I like the wahoo graphs better, there I have them in my elmnt companion app and in systm - that would make like 4 apps to track my ride - I’d prefer a one stop solution – and yes it would make more sense if systm would gain this ability to accumulate the data.

Totally agree, Christian. I’ve asked about this feature in years past. Alas, no love with the switch to SYSTM. It’d be nice to have all the work show up on one platform (like, as you mention, TP and TR).

I believe there may be something coming. TSS has many limitations, particularly around workotus that aren’t steady state training around FTP. One of the coaches mentioned that they were developing a different metric better suited to 4DP-type training. Perhaps with that will come more tracking and analytics (I’ve no insider knowledge whatsoever).

Actually when I looked at the plans that had rides which could be ridden outdoors, they were explicitly spelled out on what to do. On the ‘weekends’ you can substitute rides where and when applicable. Just remember the 1.5 rule and apply it. Thus if you have an indoor ride of 1.5 hours you should be riding 2.25 hours outside at the same intensity.


With you on this one Christian.