Are there any alpine skiing dryland workouts in the strength and/or flexibility sections?

New here and getting to know my way around.

I joined primarily to improve my connection to cardio and my cycling during winter time, because I am alpine ski coach and a divisional trainer in the winter time and spend a lot of time up on the mountain.

I am looking for a dryland program to improve my strength and flexibility in a way that is related to alpine skiing and was hoping there might be some workouts that could apply. Does anyone know of any? there would be a focus on core, lower leg strength, gluteal minimus strength, things like lunges, or box steps, and a development of quick twitch.

I develop a fair bit of strength and quick twitch muscle performance with my skiing but it is fair to say it doesn’t do a whole lot for my cycling, endurance. So over the winter time will be putting some cycling in as by that time I will be up on the hill a lot of the time.

But in this item transitional period, I want to be getting some good dry land in to prep for the season. I am getting old enough that just came into shape, much like my cycling into shape plan at the beginning of second season, is no longer sufficient. (If it truly ever was. )


I will also need to be working on some flexibility stuff, but I’m guessing that the general flexibility courses will cover it.

@sunvalleylaw There isn’t anything specific to alpine skiing but I think you will find a lot of the strength and mobility and even the yoga very relevant to your goals.

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I agree with what @JSampson said. I am a telemark skier and I found the strength workouts to be helpful for getting ready for the season. I found they helped quite a bit with stability.


Snowboarder here and echo what @JSampson and @garagesmlslikmucoff are saying about the strength and mobility workouts and training.

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I also would suggest for your quick twitch is to start jumping rope. It also helps quite a bit with balance and working proprioception.

Yes, I know a lot of individual exercises for skiing dryland. Was just wondering if there might be a more specific work out I would just pop on and follow at the beginning/end of a day without having to think. I am exploring the wahoo workouts that are loaded and think some of them may serve.

I see. I like the full body strength videos for getting ready for ski season.

I’m also a big fan of TRX. Here’s a good set of workouts getting ready for the season using TRX or something similar.

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Those are good too. And we do have TRX.

What I was looking for was a no brainer, click it on work out that would guide you through ski oriented exercises with no or very little equipment. Maybe some bands or hand weights or a box. Kinda idiot proof, like popping in a Jillian Michaels DVD as I have done in the past. Hers also were not ski specific, but were close enough to cover basics, and then I would add on stuff. Looks like I can do that with the basic work outs others have mentioned. I may just have to look through, and list the ones I want to use more often that apply best to skiing, and add on some other things as I did with my wife’s old Jillian DVD.

My wife now uses Peloton, and has a Schwinn brand peloton bike. I wanted the ERG mode for cycling and interactive workouts, so have migrated over here.

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Hey Steve,
We definitely have a wide variety of workouts in our strength and yoga content which will suit your ski training needs.

In strength you can filter by lower body, core and dynamic which you should find useful and we also have training plans for these focus body parts: SYSTM
It is also worth taking. look at our mobility workouts.

In the yoga category I would recommend the core and conditioning workouts.