Back on the horse after being thrown from the horse after being back on the horse

I have had a real up and down 6 months (COVID, an infected saddle sore, an upcoming move and more). For the next 6-9 mos I will be traveling frequently (I live in Singapore for now, will be in the US for the summer and then back to Singapore until year end. When I return I will need to find a flat, my bike will be somewhere else. I have a bike in the US but its 2000 miles away from where I will be spending most of my summer.
So routine and fitness are hard to come by. I’m pretty good when I have a routine - my cycling peeps on the weekend are always a motivation. But now my fitness has been thrashed and my ability to train regularly is compromised.

What is my question? I’m not really sure. But I know when I’m cycling and fit, life is so much more glorious.


Hi Glenn and welcome!

As you don’t really have a question, I don’t really have an answer. So here it comes:

I’ve travelled a lot for work (not anymore, I changed job because of it), what kept me fit is to pick up running. You can do that practically anywhere and at any time and just need a set of trainers to do it. It will keep your base fitness up and provides you with the endorphins that we all so desperately need. It is also much easier to keep up a routine that way. Once you’re near a bike, you can then swap out a run for a ride.


Through a long period of limited training of any sorts due to mental health and a heart condition, I’ve found even just walking more places means when I am able to get on the bike my fitness is not as diminished as I thought it would be. That’s after several months off at a time


After snapping my collarbone on a hiking fall and waiting for it to heal enough so I could ride, I did a LOT of walking. Just make sure it isn’t to the local donut shop or you will have two problems! The distance and speed have to be sufficient to stress the body as well. I’m ‘blessed’ with a three mile/ five kilometer local loop around a park/zoo about one km away from me.


Glad you’re back to what you like

Yikes! I’ve always considered hiking my safer activity (notwithstanding that my wife almost jumped off a cliff in Cornwall when she got surprised by an ultra-marathoner coming from behind; the fellow, in second place in a 100k race and only a few km from the finish, actually stopped and grabbed her arm; he may have saved her life).

There are many ways to stay fit and active. The main thing is to find activities that you enjoy. That helps with the motivation to keep at it. That’s why I took up cycling, my favorite activity of all. Other than that, I walk the dog and love to cook. But that last one makes riding the bike harder. I do need to get back in the gym though. Arms are looking a bit frail. Sorry to hear of your struggles, that’s for sure. Just do what you can to stay fit. That’s easier when you love doing it.

This is a know hike with a high level of difficulty. Add to that no clearing rains. I just met another member of our cycling club who completely separated the AC in his left shoulder which will require surgery to correct. He did break his collarbone while riding though.