Lacking motivation

I’m coming out of a 2 week break due to a cold and I’m am struggling to make the first step back into training. I keep planning rides and then piking on my friends, which is poor form. It doesnt help that it is winter and most mornings are sub zero. I have a training plan ahead of ny next event, but just can’t seem to get on the bike. Working from home is probably not helping.
Help! I need a kick or push to get me started again

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Your body is still probably working things out of your system. If you can muster it, just some easy spins without worrying about the nature of how far, how hard, HR, Power numbers, etc. Just an easy spin, which will eventually turn into the next one, then the next one, etc. Once you start feeling whole again, then start keeping the numbers and data that seems to be oh so important and integral in most people’s lives. One of my best training buddy’s most favorite saying … “Training day stud, or race day Dud. What do you want to be?”


I love that expression!

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We all have ups and downs and as there are limited races on the horizon due to Covid, motivation can be tough! That is a great suggestion of Bruce to just get n the bike without worrying about the numbers.

If you are after a plan to help you get back into it though, checkout the 10week Fitness Kick-Starter (under the road section) to get you back into it…

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May I suggest that you read up on the shared experiences of some fellow sufferlandrians over in the Burnout and Coming Back thread.

I feel like these two topics are closely related.
Yes, right now you are just a bit demotivated - but it’s a tight line to walk. And knowing that you are not alone helps.