Back to Backs (Doubles / Triples) - Order and Types?

Just keen to get the collective wisdom on running back-to-back sessions (either doubles and / or triples). I don’t want to go into the full details of every workout, but would like to know what are the best type of sessions to combine and in which order using the categories below?

ENDURANCE - Typically based on longer effort intervals (more than 8 minutes) and with a workout longer than one hour.
CLIMBING - Repeated efforts, in and out of the saddle, with heavy resistance at a lower cadence.
SPEED - Focused on short intervals, typically from 15 seconds to 4 minutes. Efforts are very high to maximum.
RACE SIMULATION - These mimic the efforts and excitement of a bike race. Typically, they have many surges, sprints, and climbs with minimal recovery.

I did Butter (Endurance) to Power Station (Climbing) which felt like a good combo, high intensity intervals to low cadence strength worked well, but what would others suggest, or recommend avoiding!

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What’s your goals? And how often do you plan to do such sessions?

Could depend on where your want to improve, if I wanted to improve my climbing I would do it first followed by endurance.
If you plan on doing these regularly I would always combine with 1 + endurance to reduce load on CSN.

just my 2 cents

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