Wahoo X May

Wahoo SYSTM offers a high variety of content allowing you to train with flexibility to achieve your goal. This month we’re leaving it up to you! We’ve shortlisted a few challenges but if you already have all of these checkout the awards section for the full list:

Please note, to earn your badge you must complete the indoor SYSTM version and have a valid Wahoo X subscription.

For More Information about awards:

  1. Visit our webpage
  2. Challenge FAQ Page

What??? Sorry but I don’t understand what you are trying to say here.


My interpretation- there’s no
May badge. We’re just supposed to finish some existing one we haven’t yet earned.



So… we can still earn the April badge… in May?


No I think it is just target a badge you don’t have on the normal awards page.

Bit disappointing really after not having a monthly challenge for February either, although we had the tour so it was a bit more understandable.




Perhaps an impact of staff reductions


No disrespect but it seems like something put together about an hour before deadline.


It’s all still good riding though… gives me an excuse to do the All Access EF stuff.




It will work out okay for me, though. I’m busy working toward a personal Mt. Suf the third week of June and using a Mountain Fondo plan to prepare. Probably best to not be squeezing in extra challenge workouts as I often do. (No 44 Omniumiums for me! – In fact, not even 4 Omniums!)


Yeah, am a bit unclear about the badge this month. Is it…

  • there is no May badge, just do a standard challenge badge, or
  • there is a May badge, and you get it by doing all the workouts in a standard challenge during May


I’ve only got the first half of the month available to ride, so would be good to get clarity on this @Rupert.H


Disappointing not to have a challenge, almost lazy and show’s lack of fore thought. Really you should have the year’s programme planned out as to the challenges!
There were two options for the Tour this year, can you resurrect the options and I could do the alternative to the one I completed? Just a thought…
I guess I’m off to complete the Tour de Wattbike or their Gravel Series, wish me luck.


I bet staff is just swamped with prepping workouts for the release of the new treadmill and maybe being a partner for Zwift’s upcoming API workout integration. And I bet they are trying to do a lot with fewer people. Our monthly challenges are icing on the cake.

I wonder if there’s a way we could crowd source some challenges. Maybe make some badge graphics in Canva and share descriptors, home page blurb, and a list of four workouts that could easily be plugged into SYSTM? We have an incredible community with a deep knowledge base.


Also no disrespect, but that seems to be most of the time to me…


Yeah, this is lame. There’s no other way to put it


Good to read , not only one confused. I thought initially that we could do say, october 2023, if we failed to complete and get that months badge. Seems as if we do the normal permanent badges. Must admit, its outdoor riding season so tendency is to fail to do all 4 rides. Personally happy to rest until autumn


I have some questions about WahooX platform:

  • Is WahooX working with other smart trainers (not from Wahoo)?
  • Does it work with ANT+ technology?
  • Has the option to use the power from a different source rather than the smart trainer one (for example, favero pedals).
  • Is it possible to connect with TP structured workout?
  • Can Wahoo X prioritize watts from pedals instead of the smart trainer to match the watts from the structured workout?

Thank you all for your help,

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Hopefully this will help:


Hi Glen, I really appreciate your time answering this.
Many thanks


I completed the ‘Prorides: Tour de Suisse’ as well as finished all the ‘on locations’ workouts; although the latter was in process from the previous month. Ironically, I simply cannot get the motivation to complete any of the ‘inspirational’ workouts…

I was wondering how do other people select their workouts:

  • Wahoo Training plan
  • Own Training plan based on metrics (TSS, distance, etc.)
  • At random, dependent on mood and how you feel on the day
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