Base training video explained on GCN

I just came to watch the latest GCN video on base training featuring @Coach.Neal.H . I really liked the content, especially the bottom line, that there may not be a magic formula to training and that training outcomes are very individual. Once again, @Coach.Neal.H proves why he is such a great coach - because he nails explaining his take and views on training methodology. That’s also why “The Knowledge” is such a great podcast.


This was a great video. I especially appreciated Sir Neal’s point about the psychological aspect: if you’re uninspired and you feel you’re going nowhere, that’s going to drag you down. So base training season is a great time to work on strength or address a particular weakness in addition to just churning out the miles.

And the point about the local conditions is great, too! Early winter long rides just don’t make sense in Minnesota, where I am. We have to do what makes sense in our circumstances.


I feel you, @DameCristy. New England says hi. :cold_face: :cold_face: :cold_face:

I’m really looking forward to this winter season, actually - with the new CX bike, I’m going to do the 12 week CX plan - includes running, outdoor stuff, and weird CX-specific drill sessions. Some potential for outdoor SUFFering this winter!