Basic Newbie Training /Equipment Questions

New to indoor training. I see many potential power and speed benefits with the Wahoo SYYSTM ! Did FM without confidence in results due to rider inexperience with testing. Did several rides post FM in Sufferfest category (erg mode) and felt they were too easy , meaning I felt I could handle higher wattage . There also seems to be a disconnect often times during the workout between target wattage and target cadence . For example after the interval ends my wattage is too high and cadence too low and I find myself switching gears often even in erg mode. I have also used Level mode in some of the workouts but still struggle with meeting the suggested targets. I have not figured out the solution but may be due to the inaccuracies of my testing results.



Full Frontal = FF
Half Monty = HM

Full Frontal, sorry

Welcome @Jen !

ERG mode should normally adjust the resistance as required to meet the power target. Some trainers have a limit on how low the resistance can go, which might explain your experience of being at too high power/too low cadence in the recovery after a hard interval. Maybe try leaving the bike in the gear you’re using for recovery, and let the trainer ramp up the resistance to meet the interval power target.

What trainer are you using?

You can increase the targets in a workout using the up/down arrow keys if you’re using a computer with a keyboard, or via the Gear Icon → Settings section:

Adjusting the workout in that way can be a workaround until you get a chance to do another test. Half Monty is a good way of getting a reality check on the results from Full Frontal; Half Monty is less dependent on pacing.


I feel like the power target wattage is too low. Can you override that above the 100% some way ? Should I do the workout in Level Mode? Does that lift the trainer from automatically limiting to not go above my ftp if in fact my understanding is correct in that is how it works. I was going to redo the Full but try the half tomorrow instead as you suggested. Thanks!

Kickr Core is my trainer.

Hi Jen…Yes you can adjust the above to go over 100% if you want to, as mentioned you can adjust them all by a % or each one individually. Each workout is based on your FF results and as you go along in the workout in ERG your trainer will adjust the power requirements automatically, even if you never change your cadence (cadence itself is not controlled by ERG), some trainers take a few seconds longer than others to make the change up or down. If you do adjust say your FTP for example up to 120% to make the workout harder then the trainer will automatically adjust the FTP parts of the workout up to a % of that amount of power for that part of the workout. If you adjusted everything then all parts of the workout will increase by that amount. Again this will only work automatically in ERG mode. In level/slope mode the power targets are shown but the actual power you put out is totally down to you in other words, this is the same as outside where you control the power and cadence to go faster or slower so indoors its up to you to follow the workout targets therefore you can go over or under the targets freely. One extra help whilst riding where you can change things on the fly. If you are using a windows PC (not sure about a MAC) In ERG mode the up arrow and down arrow will increase or decrease the power level (all ) by 1% each key press, to go to level mode press the 1 key, you are now out of ERG mode and to go back to ERG press the ’ key(on my keyboard is the same key as the @). hope this helps and hasn’t confused you too much… good luck and welcome to the forum


Hey @Jen and welcome to the forums! My first bit of advice is to suggest you make sure you have the latest firmware installed on your Kickr Core and that you’ve done at least a 10 minute warmup and a spindown calibration of the unit once that is done. It is suggested you do this every couple of weeks, or, if you move the unit, or if there’s been any temperature fluctuations. The Company has an app, outside of SYSTM to ensure the firmware is up to date as well as to do the spindown. You can get that app here, just make sure you get the one called Wahoo Fitness (though I think they’re just calling it the Wahoo App now, updating their web info isn’t exactly The Company forte :wink: )

FF does take a little time to pace right and many new users (or at least new users to formal fitness testing) will sometimes underperform (or blow up and be unable to finish the test). Now that you’ve had a few rides and are finding the targets too easy, it’s likely that you underperformed (or put another way, held back a little) on the test.

It might help to do the Half Monty/Full Frontal Prep week plan as doing HM will give you a pretty good sense of your MAP (5 minute capacity) and, for most people, a pretty good sense of your FTP (your 20 minute capacity). Then you’ll know what you’re aiming for when you re-do your Full Frontal.

There’s some really good stuff on The Company site about how to get the most from these tests and it’s def worth the read:


I updated the firmware with the Wahoo Fitness App, did a spin down, and will try increasing the percentage above 100% for all and perhaps play with individually as well. As far as changing between erg /level mode during the workout with my Mac I will look into it . I will try the HM today to get more data and perhaps the FF very soon to get a better feel for where I am and how specifically to proceed with improvement. I am grateful for your time and efforts ! :))