Half Monty using ERG during constrained effort, why not?

I know the instructions say to switch to Level mode for the constrained portion as it is most important to keep heart rate in the range on screen. But…why not just use ERG mode and if my heart rate drifts up, I can reduce the intensity with the down button on my MacBook and if the heart rate drifts down, I can increase it with the up button.

Just curious really.

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I was thinking something very similar today while I was doing HM. I would bet that the data analysis doesn’t care how you get the power numbers, so doing the constrained section in ERG mode should work.

However, I don’t think there is any power target during that section, so the intensity scaling won’t have anything to scale from. I suspect it might require an update to the workout to use the target power you get given at the start of the constrained section as a power target.

That is an interesting point. The power target is given to you in a text message and is based on how you did on the ramp I guess. I’m even more curious now what would happen in Erg and I might just have to test it to see :thinking:

Edit: I’m expecting you’ll have a power of 0. I could definitely do that at 150% :wink:

Foiled again!!!

Depending on trainer can always set a watt target on another app and use another app to control ERG - and let SUF just read power.


Surely your smart trainer has a wattage floor depending on cadence and the gear you’re in? Mine runs at 80watts if I ride at 90rpm in the granny gear. So if I crank up ghe gearing, even with “no resistance” I’ll still be generating power because of the intended minimum resistance

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Genius!!! But won’t that other app try to seize control of the trainer and affect the connection to the systm app?

Think I’ll try this tomorrow if it’s still raining :cloud_with_rain: out. Link the trainer to the systm app on the PC using Bluetooth, and then use the wahoo app on the phone to control the trainer using :ant: +.

I’ll let you know how it goes!!



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What about Full Frontal? I’ve been considering doing in ERG using +/- intensity to keep power at a constant. Anyone tried this?

Haven’t tried the sprints in erg, but have done the rest in erg! It’s a great training session!!!

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I think that’s right. But: what you set up a second device to control power (maybe a phone through the Wahoo app or headset) directly by setting a power level and adjusting as needed? It would be a bit complicated to set up on the fly after the ramp, but would it work?

@Chico I do this all the time, and have posted about it (probably too much). I run FF in ERG mode and set +/- to target a measurable (say +10 - 15%) improvement level. Takes the mystery out of FF and turns it into just another (really hard) workout.

@Glen.Coutts looking forward to reading your take.

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Ummmm…I just said I might, @timbo said he will :slight_smile:

As long as you have the Kickr-fake-erg-power-smothering-feature turned off, if you’re using a Kickr, then I don’t see why not. What does it matter if you adjust the resistance by changing gear, cadence or, seemingly quite simply, resistance?

Having had my 2021 screwed up for the 3rd significant time I’m feeling very down and underwhelmed by my current fitness and feeling.

FF was planned for yesterday, I’m now away for family for a week with no possibility of riding, perhaps a short run if I can squeeze it in. On my return home I’m thinking of running FF in erg mode and just seeing if I can reach the level I was at previously. If I can then I’ll be happy and not at all worried that I ‘could have done more’. If I can’t then I’ll have more control over stepping it back a bit.

It’s basically a psychological thing at this point but there’s some method in my madness (uncharacteristically!). I’m keen to see how it goes.

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+1 for “power smothering”. :joy:

Really sorry to hear, @leebo . Life can bite you sometimes.

This is exactly why I tried FF in ERG mode the first time - just to demystify it and get it out of my head. If you run it in ERG mode, it gives you targets based on your current 4DP, just like any other workout. It’s still a solid, hard hour, but gives you the change to feel the different segments, get a handle on pacing - at current numbers, etc.

I feel like I gained a lot of good experience and insight from running in ERG - again, solely as a workout.

Good luck and hang in there.


I don’t see why not. I mainly use level mode for short sprints because ERG on our set up doesn’t ramp up the resistance fast enough and the sprint is over too soon. There is a real timing knack of when to put it in the highest (for me) level, how to ramp up the cadence and the gears in order to time my max power output with the 5 second sprint window. Very easy to stuff it up. So the buttons would not work for that but I use the % function a lot even on ERG rides when I haven’t done a test for a long time and they seem easier than they should be.

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When you think of it, the software can do it for you: as long as it’s measuring your heart rate it knows whether to adjust the resistance.
Perhaps a feature request to consider for the minions?