Battery replacement wahoo speed sensor

How? Really, how do you pry this damn thing open?
I cannot seem to get it done. Tried different coins, screw driver, Swiss knife, torch,… The plastic cover is deformed by now and let’s hope the o-ring is not broken anywhere.

Any tips? I’m about to retire it and just order a new one…

Appreciate it

Keep at it! It’s a bear. Same with the cadence sensor. It will eventually open. Frustrating to be sure.

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I’ve replaced them both. It can be a pain, but it definitely can be done. My first battery lasted almost a year and I was able to open them. A wide flat-head screwdriver helps.

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Had the same problem with the cadence sensor - the casing is now quite deformed, so not sure how more times I’ll be able to open it up again.

Surely, they could come up with a better design (or use a tougher material)?

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Someone probably has a hack that doesn’t involve trashing the sensor.