Been off for a while

I haven’t been on the turbo since maybe last May, my numbers had climbed month on month until that point but I’ve just got back on and have lost around 40 watts since then. Is there a way of applying an earlier and easier previous 4DP profile to my new trading plan?

You can manually edit those 4DP values but I suggest you to take Full Frontal test to get the current truthy values and look into Grunter’s eyes with self-confidence.


Like @rdo , you can either manually set your numbers back to a prior test, or do a HM/FF to hit refresh. To prep yourself, though, I would recommend setting your numbers back manually, then doing the FF prep week (at least) before jumping back in.

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Hey @Pocket-rocket ,
Welcome back! As @rdo and @CPT_A saiid, you can manually adjust your 4DP numbers and choose what works best for you as a re-entry into structured training. You have many options including plans like Transition: Ramp Up, Fitness Kick Starter, ToS Prep Plan. Much is dependent on your goals and time available to train. There is a lot of new content to sample so have fun and enjoy!


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Thanks Spencer,
I’ve just destroyed myself with a 4DP. Should really have done some prep like you said but sitting around being bored got the better of me. I’ve lost 50 watts somewhere, jeez I have work to do.

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Typical Sufferlandrian style! :grinning: You’ll get it back just take your time and enjoy the journey.


I hope so! Bit shocked at how much I’ve lost :disappointed:.
Steady away to start with.

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