Cracked on 1st video after new 4DP numbers

New 4DP numbers (last Friday).
Weakness: Sustained
Training plan: Sustained Intermediate

And the 1st video after new 4DP was Fight Club.
Cracked at third, fourth, fifth and sixth interval this morning. bleeding eyes

Did I overdo my 4DP results?
Should I carry on hammering on with the new numbers?
How should I finetune my training?

Fight Club is always – always! – brutal. It hits every part of your 4DP. If you’re on new numbers…it’s going to put you straight on the limit. Keep in mind the most important thing is that you finish the workout – so if you need to reduce the intensity to get through it, go ahead and do so. No shame in that (well, not much anyway :wink: ). As your fitness grows, you’ll find FC gets a bit – a bit – more approachable.


I set my FTP to 105% and then tuned to 102%.
Finished FC this morning with much dread that I could be facing a drop with 4DP again. I completed a couple of training plan with lots of cracks in many sessions and my 4DP went on a downward trend as a result.

Last Friday 4DP was one of the best I ever had for some time.

Why did I set the individual 4DP settings? I found it effective. I must have been sandbagging during my previous 4DP sessions. And so on the last training plan, I set FTP to 105% to account for the sandbagging. My 4DP results was +16 FTP last Friday.

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It’s probably not that surprising that you’re cracking if you’re tweaking the 4DP settings. If you’ve had a good 4DP result then any hard session you do for a while will be hard. You’re just asking for your trainer to break you if you’re making the session harder artificially. The sessions are designed to work holistically with 4DP - so Fight Club should take you right to the edge of cracking if you do it at 100%. My suggestion would be to leave the 4DP sliders alone and see how you get on with riding at your numbers just as they are for now.


GOODNESS MY GVA! Don’t increase your settings after you’ve got yourself a new 4DP. Things are perfectly dialed in for you at that point. If you raise them, you’re bound to crack. Trust the system! :slight_smile:


Training Plan #3: as per 4DP 100%
Training Plan #4: as per 4DP 100%
During: I cracked in almost every session under Training Plan #3 and #4.
Result: 4DP kept itself on downward trend

Training Plan #5: increase FTP 105% and MAP 108%
During #5: I found the increase manageable and did not crack at all.
Last Friday Result: Regained my 4DP very near to my previous high after Training Plan #2.

Training Plan #6: This is the current plan. Perhaps I should tuned it down to 98%-100% for week 1 and 2 then gradually tune up and see how my body copes.

I suspect my current weight loss could have more direct effect on performance than I am aware.

Say 200W at 85kg and 200W at 80kg is an improvement.

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It’s difficult to lose weight and add power at the same time. Tough workouts demand recovery and fuelling yourself properly is part of that. Make sure also that you’re not overtraining - the plans are designed to provide stimulus and recovery to promote gains. You can’t have one without the other.

It may be that I’m misunderstanding you, but are you saying that when you’re doing the workouts as intended, you’re cracking in them, but when you make the numbers higher than that, you’re not? Something doesn’t sound right there for me.


Looking at this, I would say you need to evaluate your rest, nutrition, hydration, and stress. If you have the data, look at what you did the day and morning before you rode FC. What was the last ride you did before FC? How did that go? Did you push it harder than necessary (bumping up past 100% or pushing it outside)? What have you been eating? Was it enough fuel for you? When did you eat that (too long before FC or too close to FC could have affected you)? Have you been getting enough water before ride? Have any adult beverages the night before? Has work been putting you under a lot of stress around those times you did FC? How was the family life?

I know you are not supposed to answer a question with a question, but I feel once you go through and answer some of these questions, you might have a better idea of what really was going on to drag you down or helping you feel great for FC #5. I don’t think it is possible to overdo you 4DP. You’re 4DP is your 4DP at that time. Sure, if you take an extended stay in Couchlandria after your test and jump back into FC, you are going to be in a lot of hurt. But, if you stayed on top of your training, you need to start looking at the whole picture and tweak what needs to be tweaked to help you get through the sessions. Also, I would shy away from adjusting the video off of 100%. Only time I’d move it is if I’m feeling really good and I know I can properly recover before the next ride (depending on the video/how I’m feeling, it’d be up to 105%), or if it’s just not my day (I follow this advice: Don’t Bail, Adjust Your Workout

I hope some of this could help you.


1st session of Week 2 SF training plan
No change in settings: 100%
Managed to clear all the MAP intervals but felt broken and cracked at several 1-min rest spin between the MAP intervals. Guess it was a good sign.

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Current 4DP should be accurate. I did it 19 June 2020. This is week 2 of training plan.

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Yes, my FTP went on a downtrend for 3 consecutive training plans to 183. So what I did was to adjust my setting FTP to 105% and MAP 108% in the last training plan. The current FTP went +16 to 199. It worked!

What I am saying is increasing the % may seem not to work with the new 4DP values this round

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A training plan usually finishes with a 4DP the new plan starts with an easy week, then builds. Did you do your test in the during a training plan?

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To date, all my 4DPs were done at the end of the training plans.

However, I did have a longer break (1 - 2 months) during TOS period.

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So if you cracked at the start of an easier build week, then maybe you need a rest, some easier rides to recover from your last block.I did 18 months of relentless back to back training blocks and I cracked , even at lower intensity. You could try a half monty to help validate (in your mind) your 4dp numbers


Counting down at the half-way mark of the current training plan (sticking with the training plan throughout with no changes in intensity%), six weeks done and six more weeks to go to the next FF, I am feeling better at coping with the higher sustained efforts while struggled a couple of times to keep the cadence between rests at HR z2.

I am still onto my calorie deficit diet and lost 5.7 kg to date.
Will see how this training plan works out.
Will update six weeks from now. :100:


Gain in MAP, FTP and AC
Loss in LTHR and NM

I’m happy with my results!

Self-Reflection: Half-Monty was a pretty good gauge in the middle of the training plan - MAP 280 and FTP 230.
After 4DP, MAP 289 was spot-on. I was hitting FTP 230 towards last 6 mins but I screwed up the front 10 mins, trying to find the right gears.

Cheers and many thanks to David, Neal and Sufferfest Team. You are #1.

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Give it a couple of weeks. I always find the first 10 days after a bump hard. About 10 days after I find it gets normal again.