Best Bike Split Race Course Simulation Q's

I love the Training Plans on here, and they’ve helped a ton in raising my 4DP FTP from 160 on March 1 to 238 on June 1. But now that I’m starting to get closer to some of my first races post-Covid, in September, I went ahead and downloaded the map my ride .gpx files.

Nothing crazy… just Senior Olympics 5K TT in the morning and 20K road race the same late afternoon.

Best Bike Split, (w/premium membership) allows one to ride race simulations via Element/KICKR.

Q#1 Does SUF have something similar already in place (or in the works)? Where spending the $$$ at BBS is redundant?

Q#2 Are we getting closer to SUF algorithms having the ability to create a workout plan based on an uploaded course; race date; training timeline; rider’s 4DP; bio metrics (weight, etc)? Or does this already exist?


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If you’ve got a GPX then you just need to upload it as a route to your Elemnt via whatever method you choose and you can then ride a simulated route using your Elemnt to control the Kickr.
This doesn’t make use of Sufferfest, but for that specific activity Sufferfest is redundant.

If you have an Elemnt and a Kickr then you have everything you need to ride simulated routes without any subscriptions anywhere.

Or are you referring to the extended facilities such as BBS’ system to suggest your best approach to the race?

As for Q2, they have generalised versions as it stands. I think the effort to tailor to that specific level (any course, any length, any rider type) would be sufficiently big that it’s simply not a worthwhile application of resource. The 4DP profile combined with being able to choose a plan based upon the type of riding you’re training for is close enough for the large part of the market as it is, IMO.

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Thanks Jon, solid points. I just dug in deeper with the Element… been riding indoors w/SUF app for so long, I forgot all the course options. After pairing E w/my BBS free account I was able to transfer the course file. So thanks, gonna try that ride shortly.

Now that you point it out, I may have been mixing the BBS “best approach to the race” with my Q2. Your answer to Q2 about generalized versions makes total sense from a marketplace v current resources viewpoint. And likely where things would remain in the near-term. But since Wahoo offers “customized” training plans at a premium (w/ coaches phone calls etc.), I thought I would imagine what gets discussed at the outset. I’m speculating coach would look at where u are; where u want to be; can we get there in the time allowed. All those metrics (Race course/training timeline/rider’s 4DP, etc) would inform the coach to set up your realistic training plan for optimal race performance.

I’m just curious is there a middle ground (cost) that would let riders plug in our course and race dates, and using data points SUF already has (4DP/rider type) the AI sets up a decent plan that involves some simulated Time Trials on the course, etc, over the duration of the plan. Maybe users pay a nominal premium to access, but w/o phone calls, and all that stuff. Again, I’m completely in the dark on what those resources cost. But by considering it now, maybe there is a ROI breakpoint where it could become “worth it” for wahoo to try and then if successful, make it scalable.