Polarised training plans


ive used SUF for about 1.5yrs then moved to personalized coaching based on polarised training and got some amazing gains over 8months.
i was looking forward to the SUF android release and was surprised that it coincided with wahoo integration. ive got a new-ish kickr model and i love it ! t

now i’d like to go back to SUF and use android and continue with polarised training plan.

any news on when a polarised training plan would be available ? or should i manually combine MAP video workouts with endurance video rides ? i dont want to jump on the SUF personalized training wagon cause i would expect that a plan like that should be available to the general population (see trainer road).

looking forward to you thoughts guys !


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It would be worth having a listen to the podcasts, especially the 2nd one, where training volume, 80/20 split is discussed. You’re very unlikely to see a polarised training plan appear.


You can also pay for a customized SUF training plan with one of the coaches.

I have never had a coach so I would be very curious about how your coach taught you about training regarding polarization if you are ok to share some tips.

I’m following the wko5 webinar series on YouTube. I understand there will always be some differences or even controversy between system/coaches. But from what I understand, polarized training is based on 3 HR zone model, and for most people each zone happen to match 2 power zones(Coggen’s classic 6 zones). So if I am correct, the only practical way to implement polarized training is… only do VO2 max or anaerobic workouts for the hard days.

However, what I take from the webinar is that, periodic training is a bigger image for a whole training year, and polarization is an approach when main event/race is near. Other method like SST, pyramid training, LSD training, threshold training have a place during different period of the year. The main focus also changes along with time. And their theory really match with SYSTM’s plan if you do a 4 week building block on MAP near before the event you wanna peak. I like their explanation and for me it’s hard to imagine to do polarized training all year long. What’s your thoughts on that? :wink:

@TTDragon is right, check out the discussion in the Knowledge Podcast: Volume Training and Improving your Endurance.

SYSTM training plans are designed for folks who have jobs, families, and other parts of their lives that require a substantial amount of both time and energy. Our training plans employ the latest knowledge in sports science and are built to help athletes that have jobs, families and other responsibilities improve fitness, speed, and performance consistently over time. And that ability to train smartly consistently over time is key.

Three to 8 months of digging deep and perhaps digging yourself into a grave might get you results in the short term, but smart training consistently year over year is what leads to more total and cumulative time enjoying your sport and more cumulative gains.


@WahooCoach_Corey just highlighted what led me to TheSufferfest to begin with. I tried some other routines but just couldn’t commit to 1.5-3 hrs per day during the week. Work and family life make for a tight schedule.