Best focus for 30 minute sessions

What with work and kids (and life in general) i often only have a 30 minute (or maybe 40 mins at a push) window to jump on the trainer - what is the best type of session to do in such a short length of time.

My assumption is a HIIT session, and that time spent working on Endurance, Base or FTP for that length of time would be wasted.
Am i correct or should i be doing some lower intensity sessions despite the short duration (i typically jump on the trainer 3-4 times a week)?

Hi Ricardo! Great question as you want to maximize your limited time. High intensity sessions would be great 2 times a week separated by at least one day. Then could you complete 1, 45+ min for endurance work? Jinger

Thanks coach jinger.g, that’s helpful.
One further question for clarification, when i think about HIIT, should i just select SUF workouts with a focus on NM and AC (e.g. Cash Register, Half is Easy), or should MAP focused workouts also be included (e.g Joyride)?

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Yes! Go ahead and include Joyride… 5 minutes of Maximal Aerobic Power-

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SUF Idol is pretty intense. +1 for Half is Easy

The Cure is a great short session. So is Half is Easy. If you have a few extra minutes there’s always Revolver at 43 minutes. There’s also a no-vid 3 sets of 10 x 20s, and a no-vid Seated Sprints 2 sets of 5 x 10s that’s 30 minutes. I think these would all be good options if you’re pressed for time (and great suffering).