Change trainingplan

My trainingplans have a lot of sub 1hour training and training each day.

35min-1h workout is kind a short time and I like to extend them or change trainingplan.

Is it ok to combine 2day shortsession to 1day longer session, which seem counter intuitive.

I can in planertool not see the option for thoosing training like 4days a week.

What I’m looking for is trainingplans with 3-4days of training and 1-2h a training

Yep, you can double up if you want and do two shorter workouts one after the other or just remove a workout and add a longer one in its place. What I would do though is replace like for like ie: high intensity days stay high intensity just a bit longer and easier days remain easier days, albeit a bit longer and rest days remain rest days


One option if the base workout is a high intensity workout is to do that and then add an endurance or lower intensity workout until you get to the length you want. I’ve done that to good effect. I have (rarely) done two high intensity workouts back to back. That has not usually been to good effect and generally takes me too long to fully recover.