Best training block to do?

After completing the 4DP at the end of general kickstarter plan I have a major weakness in AC/MN.
I have an event in 18 weeks and will be doing the Mountainous Fondo plan to prepare so I have 6 weeks spare. While the event will be more FTP/MAP focused I still want address my weakness before. Would 2 blocks of the 2:1 AC/MN be the best way to use the 6 weeks?

Sounds reasonable.

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As @akapete says, that sounds a decent idea. One thing I would note from my experience is that if you repeat a building block back-to-back it can feel a bit ‘same-y’ as it will give you exactly the same sessions/plan.

When I’ve tried this I’ve craved something different the second time around, so see how you feel but you may want to spice it up a bit by perhaps switching out some sessions in the 2nd block for others with similar targets (have a browse in the library for alternative sessions. Or, a good way to find them would be to look at the 3:1 plan to see what that throws up. Or, if you’re looking at a low volume plan, look at the high volume plan to see what else that includes). It may depend on how comfortable you are in adapting the block yourself.
Or you could do a different block for the second 3 weeks. A low volume MAP block with an extra NM/AC sessions thrown in for good luck. Keep the brain interested - the last thing you want is session-choice fatigue (mentally speaking) when you’re about to start your 12 week-er. Do also check what your 12 week plan might have you doing, as you may not want to do too many of these before hand either!

I hope that helps, sorry for the ramble.


Yes yes yes. Definitely the AC/NM block. Doing the 3:1 at the moment. It’s packed with many of GvA’s favourites :hot_face::face_with_symbols_over_mouth::hot_face:


This is my first time doing structured training so not sure if I can handle the 3:1 as I found the kickstarter challenging enough. How challenging is doing the 3rd week? I do get bored easy so doing a different 2nd block with some added AC/MN workouts.

Remember: you set the rules! If you want to do 2:1, do that. If you aren’t feeling up to a workout, reduce intensity. If you need an extra rest day or easy day, take it. If you want to swap a different ride for the “scheduled” ride, swap away—even ride outside if you like.

The plans are great guidelines. I’ve been following them pretty closely (by my rules—which include moving things around to deal with life, taking extra rest days here and there, swapping videos I like better for ones I like less). I’m getting fitter and stronger faster than I ever have before.

Enjoy the journey and suffer grandly!

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Actually I meant just have a look at what the 2:1 gives. It’s not necessarily the same as the 2:1 plus an extra week. And even if it is, there’s the extra week that may give you ideas for changing things around.

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Anything that keeps you motivated would be fine. Maybe see how you finish up on your current training block.

I’ve started badge hunting myself, for me I enjoy the variety and doing workouts that are completely new to me.

It might be worth doing a coach consult to set up something that keeps you on form for your event while keeping your training fresh and exciting (I am not a coach).


I would agree to do 1 block to focus on your weakness. Then you could always follow the General Fitness > Season - Transitions > Ramp Up until it is time to switch gears to follow the Mountainous Fondo plan.