Love the Building Block Plans

What a great addition these have been. Having done 2 Intermediate 12-week plans back to back I was starting to lose motivation and then it was suggested to do the Building Blocks.

And what a difference: did a 3 week block for sprinting and now on a 4 week FTP block. Really enjoyable and now feeling really refreshed and raring to go on a new 12-week plan starting December.

Really recommend these mini plans and, while still hard, I actually feel stronger now then when I started them.


Same here. I’ve completed the 4-week MAP Block and now heading into the final week of the FTP Block. Will probably do the Tempo block next as I wind down for Xmas.

Do you do a half month at the end of these training plans?

Trying to work out if doing a test every month is too much.

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Personally, I only retest if I feel I’ve improved and need new numbers to keep up the suffering. I’ll probably do a HM after the FTP Blocks, so that the Tempo Block would be on new numbers heading into Xmas.

Saying that, the HM is a reasonably easy test compared to FF, so I don’t think it’s problem to retest regularly. I’ve heard that some of the other plans now incorporate HM mid-way through.