Best Training Plan for indoor sessions only

I am searching for a good training plan “only indoor” - Any tips for a good one?

Should last long (>3 months) with 3-5 trainings per week.

Just want to get better, no special focus. (Couch to crusher looks good)

Thank you

@DenisEE The All Purpose Road plan allows you to select indoor only - with or without strength. However, you can do any plan indoor only - just substitute the outdoor rides for some of the longer indoor rides like Open 120 or some of the NoVid selections. For those videos and you can add your own video and music while you spin from a separate source.

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Thank you, did not know that, but that sounds like a good idea.

Also an indoor substitute for the weekend long outdoor ride are the Sufferfest Inspirational videos. Just click on the ‘Workouts’ tab, and then on the left click where it says ‘All Cycling’ to reveal the drop-down menu and select ‘Inspiration’. I really like ‘Moon Rider’ and ‘Rising from Ashes’ is a truly amazing story.


I rode Rising from the Ashes last week. I really love these videos. It is amazing, motivating and hits my heart during cycling.

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I really like the new app’s general all purpose road plans as they let you choose the hours per week and either 2:1 or 3:1 weeks of training:recovery. Previously only the high volume plan had 3:1 and it had only 3:1. Now I can do a high volume plan with 2:1 if I choose. Or a low volume plan with 3:1. Cool.