More ndooor only plans please

Given current situation, I find that there are not enough different indoor only plans. The General Road la is all there is. I would like more choice. I found doing other plans an doing indoors the sessions supposed to be outdoors was not satisfactory

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Hey @Stonechat, there are lots of training plans beyond the General Road that are entirely indoors but whether they suit your specific goals or not I’m not sure. I feel your pain on doing the rides designed for outdoors indoors instead that can be a mental challenge all on its own.

So, on a quick glance, this is what I’ve found that are all indoors:

  1. eSports racing
  2. In-season criterium
  3. All of the 3 or 4 week building blocks plans
  4. Volcano climbing
  5. Speed demon
  6. Knight of Sufferlandria
  7. All In for cyclists
  8. Cycling badges
  9. Transition plans
  10. Tour of Sufferlandria

If none of these fit your goals, you might want to consider purchasing a Customized Plan.

Hope this helps :slight_smile:


That’s more than I thought there were. I’d like more indoor only plans as well, specifically for events like grand fondo or 100 mile ride goals.

My outdoor bike isnt great and mybwahoo kickr bike is amazing. For me to get fit, the indoor bike wins in motivation. Once fit, the outdoor bike becomes more enjoyable.


@Fezzek, and @Stonechat, you could also substitute those outdoor rides for longer SUF vids like the Mashups Kitchen Sink etc. It’s hard to do 5 hour indoor trainer rides no matter how you look at it.

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That’s very true. 2 hours is doable at the moment, but 5… that sounds like a rough day at the office.

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