Bingecasting x 7 hours

I don’t get to ride hills very often. People who know me, know this already as I often lament my pancake flat - headwind filled - Big Sky country - prairie life.

In any case, I just drove 3.5 hours twice just so I could ride some hills in my absolute favourite “local” area. It’s called Riding Mountain National Park and it’s 310 kms north of home to stay in a sleepy town 10kms due north of the park. Rode a 110km out and back for 1000 metres of gain in the gorgeous rolling hills of the park on both Saturday and Sunday. Last time I was there, over two days in June, I passed 24 bears, 6 deer, 3 moose and a handful of ravens. This time, over two days I saw 1 bear, 4 deer and probably the same ravens.

What did I do to pass the time on the drive? Why I bingecasted The Knowledge Podcast. Both ways. 7 hours of The Knowledge podcast and I wasn’t bored for a minute. Learned a bunch, had some chuckles, and would absolutely do it again.

Normally I have a hard time with podcasts cuz I dont know where to look but this isn’t an issue when driving.

So kudos to the the whole team for getting these out there. Thanks Sirs @Coach.Neal.H @Coach.Mac.C @Coach.Jeff.H Dame Coach Suzie Snyder and Dr @coach.jinger.g (someone needs to do 10 SUF vids in a row and get herself some decals :wink: )

Special thanks to @Eddie.RogersTKP who I take it, is responsible for tech side of things (like the sound effects, edits and intro snippets) but also looks like he might need to do his KoS quest as well. Maybe Dr. J and Eddie can quest together. Episode 57: The Motivating Power of Decals :slight_smile:


Glen! I love this! Kudos And Yes KOS is indeed in the future. CHeers