Half way through

With the two rides completed tonight, I have done cycling rides 129 & 130 of 258. I started in mid-Aug with Sufferfest and now Systm. In 3.5 months I finished the first half of the rides. That was the plan.

Now I expect to take until the end of April, five months, to complete the other half. There are a lot more longer rides left plus a few times where training will take a back seat. I have an imperial century early in the spring and of course, the Tour.

So far, so good.


@Critmark What do you do when they add new content?

AkaPete try to keep ahead of it. If I have to take another month to do an extra 2 dozen rides, I can handle it. I wouldn’t expect them to add another 100 videos in the next five months.

I guess the only possibility of a huge bump in new content would be if they acquired/licensed another companies content. Either way, it’s just a function of time.

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@Critmark it’s like a long pursuit without a finish line. It will be awesome to catch ‘em!