Blood sugar testing?

To start off I’ll just say I’m not looking for medical advice, so don’t worry about getting sued for anything ha ha!

For various reasons, I want to start observing/testing my blood sugar levels.

I wondered what the cheapest/easiest way to go about this was. Is it worth spending 50 quid on an electronic one with some reading strips or is there a cheaper way to start doing it? I’m guessing there must be others out there who do this even if they are not diagnosed diabetic? (I am not diagnosed diabetic).

So I’m interested in what you guys out there use, if it isn’t a device specifically provided by a medical provider. I’m UK based by the way so availability might be different.


I know absolutley nothing about the subject, but am aware of this company:

Probably works out way more expensive than pricking youre finger and using strips though.

I have one friend who is diabetic and uses finger prick / strip method. If there was a cheaper alternative I think she would have found it by now!

All the strips I looked at seemed to indicate you needed an electronic reader to read them… perhaps I didn’t look hard enough.

EDIT: Yeah not looking to spend that kind of dough on supersapiens.

Yes, you are correct a reader is needed. Sorry, didn’t mean to imply otherwise.