How to view Glucose levels with Wahoo Elemnt?

Dear All,
I am wondering if anyone has been able find a relatively straightforward way to display their glucose levels from a continuous glucose monitor (CGM), e.g. dexcom G6, on their wahoo elemnt? I have type 1 diabetes, and use a dexcom G6 CGM, and monitor my sugar levels on a tandem insulin pump and iphone. Currently, to see my sugar levels while riding, I need to pull out the pump, look at it, and then try to snag it back in. This is especially challenging and dangerous when riding on tough terrain. The most important number/metric for me when riding, and I suspect for most type 1 diabetics, is the glucose level. Being able to monitor my sugar levels on the Wahoo elemnt would be a breakthrough for me.
Recent web posts show that Garmin can now be configured to show CGM data. Ideas on how I could do this with wahoo elemnt and dexcom G6? Thanks in advance.


Correct! Dexcom CGM data can now be viewed on Garmin smartwatches or cycling computers.
Wahoo Fitness is definitely interested in topic!

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I believe that Wahoo will implement this in the near future.

They are investors in Supersapiens and there is a cycling team where all riders are T1 diabetics that has previously used Wahoo head units to monitor their glucose.

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Thanks for your reply. I, too, have seen what you mention. As these projects often take some time, I was interested to know if anyone has found a workaround in the meantime.

Yesterday the Supersapiens app had an update and started to include a Wahoo integration.

Before it just had integration with Training Peaks, Garmin, and Apple Health.

However, in the Wahoo settings, I cannot find a field for glucose, so I do not know how the integration works.

For example, when connected with Training Peaks it receives the info of your workouts and overlaps it with your glucose data on the app, to have a better workout analysis.

It does not send any info to TP. Just reads.

Lets wait for a Wahoo update that brings light to this.


I think maybe Supersapiens support might be a good place to ask

Hi, I contacted supersapiens and didn’t get very far. Their app only links with Abbott cgm and not any others. I have Dexcom g6 cgm.

That makes sense, CGM are propriety devices, Dexom apps doin’t work with Abbot devices, and most companies don’t make apps to work with competitors if they don’t have to

There might be a few fellow diabetics n the forum, but you would be better of going to a place with a higher diabetic count, have you looked at Team Type 1 on facebook, they are more Zwift based, but support each other with diabetic questions

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I’ve been a type one for 48 years and a roadie since I was 14. Keeping track of blood glucose is of paramount importance as other Type 1 will attest to.

Once I went to a smart bike computer I used a Wahoo Elemnt with my Apple Watch on my handlebars. Not pretty but it worked.

I asked Wahoo if enabling CGM data to be reviewed on their smart devices was in their product pipeline and they flatly said no.

As soon as I heard that Garmin could display CGM values from my Dexcom I got one. The set up process is a nightmare and once you are finished it will only work maybe 10% of the time. I’ve tried reaching out the developer who created the Dexcom app as well as Garmin support - no luck anywhere. Check out the reviews for the app and they are terrible.

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Have you tried Nightscout ? This seems to get good reviews (and mentioned a lot) for Garmin

Have you tried a low tech option of mounting your phone to the bike handlebars?

Yes,thanks, I have seen the Nightscout\xDrip posts. As I would need to integrate Nightscout\xDrip, wahoo elemnt, iPhone and dexcom g6, I am not sure I am up to the challenge of doing all of these steps so that’s why in this post I was looking for a “relatively” straightforward route. I may have no choice, and need to hunker down and try the xDrip!!!
With respect to just using the low tech solution of mounting a cell phone to monitor cgm that could work but, in my case, I have a lot of other metrics on my wahoo that I would like to keep and ideally all have on one device while riding.

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You can do it with xdrip you have no need for Nightscout and also now have started to charge a very lot to use it Nightscout can be around $7 a month plus no Google home working with it either due to Google taking away an important Api and it can fail with losing internet connections. while you cycle so not really reliable. I use a Garmin 830 with xdrip which is a direct connection, so you don’t lose connections which does a great job not sure about newer Garmin Models of Garmin but I’m sure 100% they work! Id like to know if can wahoo get it as I see Team Novo has it on them with graphs so it’s possible but we need them to be telling us with what! I use a Dexcom G6 too! Hope this helps you will also need to connect Iq and Garmin Connect on your mobile and install the widget Xdrip+/Spike/Nightscout Widget. If anyone needs any help please email me at

yes and no good now! fails on the internet connects while out and now they are charging a lot to use it so not at all good. xdrip is better! But Nightscout is still handy to have as an extra backup but not needed at all with Garmin

Dexcom CGM G6, Wahoo Elemnt Bolt V1, Android S22+ Phone:
I have been using the “xdrip+ app” on my Bolt V1 for 9 months…it works great! Yea…Lifechanging!!! The xdrip app creates a “Glucose” data field that is added to each Bolt page. The Glucose data field can be used like any & all other data fields within the Bolt V1.

  • Load xdrip+ app onto phone
  • Connect phone to Bolt using an OTG (On The Go) cable. Cable just needs appropriate connector on ends for each device. Refer to video link: How to configure the Wahoo Elemnt as an xDrip+ collector - YouTube
  • I delete xdrip+ app from my phone after Bolt V1 install. It interferes with Dexcom app which I prefer on phone.
  • Upon new Dexcom Transmitter install (every 3 months) I must reinstall xdrip+ app on my phone & perform the app transfer to the Bolt V1. Required, so new transmitter is recognized on the Bolt V1. This is a very quick process.
  • This should also work on the Elemnt Roam V1.
  • Bolt V2 or Roam V2: I purchased a Bolt V2. Unable to make the app transfer from phone to Bolt V2. I doubt this will ever work, as stated earlier, Wahoo has invested in Supersapiens. I have spoken with Wahoo representatives many times. The responses I get…“I will pass that on”, or “Not being worked on”.
  • Don’t have to carry your for Bolt V1 to receive data from Dexcom Sensor/Transmitter

Mistake in my previous message:

  • Don’t have to carry your Bolt V1… Change to “- Don’t have to carry your Android phone to receive data from Dexcom Sensor/Transmitter on Bolt V1”

Brilliant, thanks. I will try it. I use an iPhone, hope that works just as well.

I would say a Quad Lock phone case and bracket for the handle bars is a viable and simple solution.

I have used Dexcom G6 with my iPhone and iWatch and the watch has never been that reliable in getting the feed from the phone. I upgraded to Dexcom G7 this week and the reliability of communication between watch and phone is even worse. Actually, to the point that it’s not really worth wearing the watch.

So a Quad Lock makes the most sense I think as you are getting the data directly from the primary data source and not relying on it being forwarded to another server or secondary device. You may need to get a top tube bag to put a power bank in to keep the phone charged, but this is easy and you are also not relying on anything to proprietary to keep the device going. Yes, it does mean another device on your handlebars, but you would most likely be carrying the phone anyway, just probably not on the bars.

I also don’t want to switch to a Garmin or Android for that matter, not that there is anything wrong with Android.

Hello KCCar, short question, there is no way to transfer from BYODA on my phone to xdrip+ on wahoo elemnt. I am running AAPS and BYODA on my android phone.


Hi, I was wondering if I need to set up xDrip+ on port 1 instead of port 2 because I would like to use BYODA as well (after deleting xDrip+ App).
Why is nightscout needed above xDrip+?

Thanks, Vera