How to view Glucose levels with Wahoo Elemnt?

Dear All,
I am wondering if anyone has been able find a relatively straightforward way to display their glucose levels from a continuous glucose monitor (CGM), e.g. dexcom G6, on their wahoo elemnt? I have type 1 diabetes, and use a dexcom G6 CGM, and monitor my sugar levels on a tandem insulin pump and iphone. Currently, to see my sugar levels while riding, I need to pull out the pump, look at it, and then try to snag it back in. This is especially challenging and dangerous when riding on tough terrain. The most important number/metric for me when riding, and I suspect for most type 1 diabetics, is the glucose level. Being able to monitor my sugar levels on the Wahoo elemnt would be a breakthrough for me.
Recent web posts show that Garmin can now be configured to show CGM data. Ideas on how I could do this with wahoo elemnt and dexcom G6? Thanks in advance.


Correct! Dexcom CGM data can now be viewed on Garmin smartwatches or cycling computers.
Wahoo Fitness is definitely interested in topic!

I believe that Wahoo will implement this in the near future.

They are investors in Supersapiens and there is a cycling team where all riders are T1 diabetics that has previously used Wahoo head units to monitor their glucose.

Thanks for your reply. I, too, have seen what you mention. As these projects often take some time, I was interested to know if anyone has found a workaround in the meantime.

Yesterday the Supersapiens app had an update and started to include a Wahoo integration.

Before it just had integration with Training Peaks, Garmin, and Apple Health.

However, in the Wahoo settings, I cannot find a field for glucose, so I do not know how the integration works.

For example, when connected with Training Peaks it receives the info of your workouts and overlaps it with your glucose data on the app, to have a better workout analysis.

It does not send any info to TP. Just reads.

Lets wait for a Wahoo update that brings light to this.

I think maybe Supersapiens support might be a good place to ask

Hi, I contacted supersapiens and didn’t get very far. Their app only links with Abbott cgm and not any others. I have Dexcom g6 cgm.

That makes sense, CGM are propriety devices, Dexom apps doin’t work with Abbot devices, and most companies don’t make apps to work with competitors if they don’t have to

There might be a few fellow diabetics n the forum, but you would be better of going to a place with a higher diabetic count, have you looked at Team Type 1 on facebook, they are more Zwift based, but support each other with diabetic questions