Bluetooth drop in iOS with multiple Ant+ connections

Hi everyone,
I wanted to see if someone can help me with a technical issue.

I’m trying to connect SUF through Bluetooth to a Tacx Neo using an iPad Pro and at the same time connect my Garmin Fenix 6 Pro and Zwift in a computer through Ant+ but:

(1) the Bluetooth connection seems to drop with SUF, although it still controls the trainer (with short and sudden attempts to reconnect Bluetooth)

(2) the Ant+ connection to Zwifts is very instable and sometimes doesn’t work at all

Has anyone experienced this? Is it possible to connect this many devices? Would it be better if I use SUF in a computer?

Thanks for the help!!

Hi there.

I regularly run three connections … so you’re not running too many connections.

In your setup the only thing I’m unfamiliar with is the Fenix.

Can I check some assumptions first please?

  1. SUF is set to have control, as well as displaying power and cadence from the Neo?

  2. Zwift is running on a PC with an ANT adapter and is set or only pick up power - the controllable trainer is definitely switched off?

Where does the watch come in to this? Apols for this question… I sense it might be a daft one.

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If needed I can go and replicate this set up (apart from the fenix) so I’m sure we can get to the bottom of it.

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Alternatively you can send the minions (SUF support) a message. They are super fast and will probably be able to help.

Thanks a ton Martin. The answer to all questions is yes, SUF controls and both Zwift and the watch just read the data (not 109% confirmed for the Garnin watch in which I use the free ride mode).

I may try to put it just in power tomorrow and see if that makes a difference, I just realize that is an option.

Would that change how Garmin calculates my training effect?

If you have a smartphone, try turning off Bluetooth on it - you might be surprised to find out that it may be “stealing” the Bluetooth connection to come devices.

Hi - you mean the watch?

I think it would be worth getting to a stable place for two things first.

iPad to Neo (and as others have advised - make sure nothing else stealing that connection - like Zwift stealing it via its Conpanion app or anything)

And PC to Neo via ANT.

And do a workout just with those two?
That should be possible to make entirely stable.

Report back?

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That actually works. I tried it this morning with Bluetooth off in all other devices, that’s why I highlighter the watch.

Got you.

So there can only be one Bluetooth connection. Just so I’m clear - does the Fenix have an ANT+ capability?

Normally for multiple connections to a Neo:
1 - connection via BT (in your case this must be the iPad connection as iPad can only communicate with the Neo via BT
2 - secondary connection with ANT +. Often that’s from a PC using an ANT dongle and another app (like Zwift)
3 - tertiary is often ANOTHER ANT+ dongle on the pc also running another app.

For your setup:
Zwift and SUF could run on the PC
Then let the watch read the power via Bluetooth

  1. Start SUF on the PC and ensure it’s set as the controllable trainer connection using ANT+
  2. Get Zwift up and allow Zwift to read the PWR from the second ANT+ dongle you have connected.
  3. Then let the watch read (read only) power.

Have you tried it in that order?