Outdoor workouts, wahoooo!

Was looking at what updated on my phone this morning when I saw the ELEMNT software had been updated and contained the following information:

Added: Outdoor Workouts with Wahoo X
Added: Support for Supersapiens Continuous Glucose Monitor
Added: ELEMNT Backup and Restore

I logged into SYSTM and saw that cycling workouts can now be selected as Indoor or Outdoor. I put one in outdoor on my calendar for today, pulled down to refresh the “Planned Workouts” in ELEMNT and tada - there it is for use on my Bolt.

Since the knowledge base is usually kept up to date I took a gander and voila: https://support.wahoofitness.com/hc/en-us/articles/7671514838674-Wahoo-SYSTM-Outdoor-Structured-Workouts

I hope it expands to running for use on the RIVAL as well, doesn’t seem to for now.


It seems like a really good implementation too.
I’ve given it a go even though I don’t really have suitable terrain or roads where I live to facilitate proper interval riding outdoors, but the targets are sensibly modified to make it more realistic for outdoor riding and the communication and screen is really clean and solid.
I like it and it really should answer the request for all of the people who have been asking for this.

Congratulations, Wahoo, great job!


on my wahoo element bolt not loading workouts with wahoo systm

You need to make sure that both your Elemnt device and the Wahoo apps on your phone are up-to-date, I’d check those first.

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Looks great but really hit and miss for me. Only sometimes showing a workout as having an outdoor version, once it’s added to the calendar the outdoor option seems to disappear and never appears in the Elemnt app.

Hey TTDragon, sorry to hear you are having troubles with having your outdoor versions sync. Most - but not all - of the workouts have an outdoor version. Would you mind spot-checking a couple of the workouts you were expecting to have synced in the Library to verify that they have outdoor versions available? You’ll know that as both indoor and outdoor icons show on the workout card in the Library, and the Outdoor version is viewable on Workout details. If they do, please reach out to Wahoo support and they can help you troubleshoot.

It seems to alter when I load the app. For example FTP Progression 2 had an indoor and outdoor version, now when I find it in the library there is no outdoor version.

I’ll try logging out and back in to see if that helps.

I saw this in the app the other day and low and behold when I went out with the Bolt today there they were. it looks pretty seemless to me - the planned workouts section on the Bolt has the outdoor version of what is in the calendar, the calendar itself looks to have the indoor/outdoor tab.
@TTDragon hopefully it’s a glitch and things will come through clear for you soon.

From my first look at least, this is nice guys - well done.

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Looks good so far from the outside riding point of view. All you have to do is sync the planned workouts and 7 days of the plan is pushed to the ELEMNT, all outdoor versions of the sessions.

What I was really hoping for is if you change location on the ELEMNT to indoor that indoor version of the sessions would be available to ride on the trainer, but that doesn’t appear to be the case.

I think indoor sessions on ELEMNT should be a natural progression of this feature release. NoVid and recovery sessions could be executed so much faster and easier. Sometimes you don’t really want the video and just want to smash out the session and move on with the day, so indoor sessions on the ELEMNT would be a great way of giving us more flexibility.

Great work otherwise.


Uninstall/reinstall worth a shot here too!

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Can’t you use the outdoor version indoors for this kind of thing? (I haven’t checked, I probably should). I.e. the bolt has the outdoor version, use that to control the trainer?

I agree that it would be very useful and easy for those shorter and easier rides. Click and go.

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Wow, this is far more advanced than I had expected. Well done team!


From my very quick and far from comprehensive test this morning, you can ride those outside sessions indoor but seems like trainer is controlling power and sets it at 50% (115W in my case) of the power zone range (86-144W) and not the upper limit of the power zone at 144W, where my 50% FTP sits, which is what the given session power recommendation was.

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I’d suppose that’s cuz you’re riding outdoor to a range rather than a fixed target so if you ride indoor in Level mode it would have the same effect.

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I totally understand why the outdoor rides are zone based rather than absolute value as it would be near impossible to maintain the set power outdoors.

Outdoor planned workouts have no relevance to me, as I don’t have power metre on my bike. Yet. :grin:

However, I have wished on many occasions for a quicker and easier start-up of indoor sessions, especially the no-video and recovery spins, so naturally went exploring if ROAM can be better utilised indoors with this update.

As a workaround, I wonder if increasing difficulty on the outdoor ride done indoors will push the trainer to set the power higher than 50% of the given zone. Will test tonight…

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Understood. For me though, personally, I just can’t imagine doing these workouts indoors without video and story. I get what you’re saying though. It’s just that I NEED to be fully engaged when riding indoors which is one of the reasons I bought a Kickr Climb, got a bigger screen TV where the trainer is and have stuck with SYSTM/SUF since 2015ish. I’ve always admired people who could do No-Vids or TR but just the idea of that makes me wanna stick hot pokers in my eyes. Looking forward to giving RGT a run this winter too. By looking forward I mean, I’m NOT looking forward to not being able to ride outside but



Oh, the joy of the Southern Hemisphere, Summer is coming! :grin:

I find it easy enough with the easy/recovery sub-60 minutes sessions with little/no power undulations to flick the TV on and watch something else, while sporadically glancing at the phone/laptop/ELEMNT, depending what device setup I’m riding with.


First off great new feature! One quick question – what if you don’t own a Wahoo head unit/watch? Will this feature still be available?

A quick addition to the question – will the outdoor versions only be based on power, can one only use them with a powermeter?

Cheers, James

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Worked a treat, thanks!

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Good to hear. I waited 24hrs and that worked for me. I assume it was a minor syncing issue that worked itself out eventually.
Great new feature