Bug report : Kickr trouble connecting to Systm

Recently my Wahoo Kickr / SYSTM App has connecting difficulties.
App “sees” the trainer yet fails to connect to it.
I’m running with iPadPro and 2020 Kickr.
Running latest iPadOS and System version.

Stuff tried to resolve it.

  1. Turn BT off/on.
  2. Turn trainer off/on
  3. Reset System App
  4. Reset iPad

Eventually, deleting SYSTM and reinstall has resolved it.

This is the 2nd time this week it happens, and I don’t recall this happening once in 2 years of good old Sufferfest.

Do you have any other apps or devices that can connect to the Kickr? SYSTM on iPhone? Wahoo app? That might be grabbing the BT connection.

I have the Garmin HRM which also failed to connect to the App but was successfully paired with iPhone/iPad.
Other than that, can’t think of anything else interfering with BT.

Here’s something that I just picked up on. Did you pair the KICKR with ANY other application on your phone? This will cause NO end of issues with trying to use it with SYSTM. I highly suggest unpairing it and then pairing it with SYSTM again.

Thanks for the tip.
I don’t use any App but System with the Kickr, but perhaps a 2nd iPad had been paired while I was trying to pair.