Ongoing SYSTM Bluetooth connection issues

Hi All,

I have been experiencing ongoing bluetooth connection issues when using SYSTM. The issue is when I ride a SYSTM warmup (or any SYSTM cycling workout) and save the workout, and then open my next workout usually from the SYSTM calendar, , my Kickr Core will not connect, SYSTM detects the Kickr, but does not completely connect to it. Also, only the Kickr does not connect, my HR strap and cadence sensor connect fine on successive workouts.

In order to connect my Kickr, I need to quit SYSTM, and when re-starting SYSTM and opening the next workout, everything connects perfectly.

I don’t believe this is an issue with my computer, because I sometimes ride that fantasy island program when I feel like riding through a volcano and seeing dinosaurs (ended up with free subscription from WAHOO a while back). When using that other program everything connects fine when riding successive workouts.

This issue is somewhat frustrating, but I can basically accept it even though not ideal.
So, after that long ramble, anyone experience these issues using SYSTM, and any possible solutions?

PS SYSTM is latest version, and KICK has latest firmware.

Thanks is advance.

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I have this problem randomly. And quite often it happens after doing a warm-up yoga or strength session.

I can usually do one of two things to fix it while keep SYSTM running and leaving my workout paused.

1 - Turn my Kickr off for 5 seconds and then turn it back off again (I have a remote controlled outlet plug to do this easily. Otherwise just get off and unplug it, count to 5, then plug it back in again. Then my Kickr will reconnect. Sometimes I have to do this twice in a row.
2 - Open my PC’s system tray and turn Bluetooth off and then back on again and my Kickr will then full connect.

Usually one or both of these things will get my Kickr to fully reconnect after one sometimes two tries. And I don’t have to close and reopen SYSTM to do it.

Yep… same issue here and has been for years now.

I’ve learned to live with it.

Connecting a Neo2t, I have to reset the Bluetooth connection on the Win10 laptop then add the devices back in again on Systm.

Almost every time before they will communicate properly.

As I say… it’s just part of the deal. I’d rather keep Systm and its flaws than lose it. :heart_eyes:

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Same here, but just occasionally and randomly. It also happens with my Polar H10 hrm. I solve it the same way as @emacdoug.

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Hi all,

Thanks for all the advice, much appreciated. I will try the suggestions offered.

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This happens occasionally for me. I find that if I go into Devices and remove the KICKR, and then “Add Devices” and add the KICKR back in, then it works. I have a cadence monitor device on the bike that I use also and it often needs the same treatment. I sometimes disconnect all devices when I’m done with the last SYSTM workout for the day and then add them all the next time.

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For me the same problem occurs not occasionally but always. My Tacx Neo always displays as recognized, but doesn’t properly connect until I unplug and plug in again the BT dongle. Buying the dongle and uninstall the built-in BT on the laptop was the only way to get the whole setup going at all. I never see that issue with Zwift, IndieVelo, Rouvy, and never had it with RGT.
ANT+ works just fine on the other hand. It’s just a BT issue.