Will not pair

I have a Kickr 17. It will not pair with Zwift. I use Apple TV and Android phone. It did pair with Zwift last year I too a few months off for and injury. now it does not pair. Both the ANT+ and Bluetooth light are on. Bluetooth light flashes when it searches for something to pair with (I assume this is what’s going on).

I’ve been all over the Zwift Forum. Consensus seem to be that my problem is the Kickr. I sent this message Wahoo Help, but have not received a reply after a week. Getting frustrated. Wasting money on Zwift…

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Hey @lonewoof welcome to the SYSTM forums. Have you tried pairing your Kickr to SYSTM? Any other apps (Rouvy RGT FulGaz) ? Are you sure you have the latest firmware for your Kickr?

You can’t try SYSTM on AppleTV cuz there isn’t an app on that platform atm. But you could pair it to SYSTM if you download and install the SYSTM android app.

When you say you contacted Wahoo help, did you submit the support request here:

I’ve only ever had exceptional customer service from them.

Edit: I should add that you’re not likely to get a whole lot of Zwift love in this forum though there are folks here who use it.


THANK YOU!! I have never heard of SYSTM until this minute… I cannot work on this now, but I will this afternoon and get back to you. It all worked a year ago!!! Frustrated as heck… I will download SYSTM for android… it is all WAAAY TOO (BLEEP) complicated!

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Make sure you have the android wahoo fitness app too. You’ll need it to make sure your Kickr 17 firmware is the most current.

It’s sorta kinda complicated until you get used to it.