BUG report: profile not showing iOS 15.1

it’s getting quite frustrating, when trying to look for a ride in the app the profiles don’t appear so I can’t see what the ride is. It happens totally randomly sometime they are there sometimes not. Also then the app laggs a lot when I click on something before responding. Really since the change to Systm the experience is going down in quality! Suf was smooth and working all time, don’t remember so many issues… I’ve been with Sufferfest for many years, but am really thinking if time has come to change…

Have you tried restarting your device and/or uninstalling the app and reinstalling? That usually squashes any random bugginess for me.

Yes, but it is still there i have to close app and reopen and then things load back, but as said really annoying experience

I just saw there’s a new version 7.15 in the App Store for iPhone. Hopefully that helps you.

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yes, my ipad just updated let’s see how that goes! Hopefully indeed it helps!

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