Lost rides

Hi folks, two days running my rides have failed to sync in the calendar or completed list. Yesterdays got stuck on sync and then only showed part complete todays just didn’t happen according to the app ?? Very frustrating as I can assure you Long Scream was not a dream ( it’s a nightmare) that definitely happened :tired_face:

Hi @kpnutt, and welcome!

Long Scream is quite the event, I’m sure you want to keep that one for the history books.

I’ve got no clue re the syncing of rides, but I do know the minions are generally very fast responding to queries:
Submit a request – Wahoo Fitness Support

Just drop them a line and they will sort you out.

Happy suffering!


Are you using an iPad or iOS? I had an issue with this problem, and took it up with the minions. There is a bug in SYSTM if you are syncing rides and running low on storage.

I suggest you submit a bug report.


I have noticed that on some sessions the video stop a few minutes before the end of the training time and a message prompt pops up saying " stop video or dismiss (the message) if you hit stop video it takes you completely out of the Systm app (this is on Android). The ride still syncs to the calendar as a recovered ride but you do not get the email (if you have this set up) nor does it sync to Strava, you have to add it manually. This has happened twice now

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Hi Heretic, yep iPad with IOS the minions gave me a fix, deleted app updated iOS reinstalled all fixed.
Didn’t realise my iPad hadn’t loaded the latest apple update so maybe the app was ahead of my iPad

I think the iPad can only do automatic updates if it is plugged in. Otherwise, you have to do manual updates.