Bulk export to Training Peaks?

Had a hard time googling and searching the forums for what is probably a simple answer: I just signed up for Training Peaks and would love for all of my past workouts to be imported from SF to TP, but I don’t see an option/don’t know how. I was surprised that it was possible with Garmin. And weirdly enough I have all of my SF workouts in Garmin, but TP didn’t import any of those workouts, only my outdoor rides when I wear my Garmin watch (don’t use it on my trainer).

Somewhere around your profile page or connections to other apps there’s a switch to get an email bulk export if I remember correctly

hmmm, I do see the ‘send my activity data’ option in My Profile, but it sends it as a csv, only limited basic data vs. the full workout data. More of just the summary/totals. Don’t think I saw anything else. But good to know about that bulk export csv! thanks :slight_smile:

If you link SF to Strava I normally find a bulk import from Strava works on most platforms.

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Open the Suf App on whatever device you use. Click on the “account” menu; its the far right option on the navigation when you log in, and has your Initial on it, and sits to the right of “passport”.

Select “sharing” from that menu. Training peaks is one of the options. That will take care of all of your future workouts.

For PAST workouts, click on the “Your Profile” option, and at the very bottom of the page is a section called “Account Actions”. the button there will export all of your past data, I would guess in a format that could be imported manually to Training peaks.

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@Savman ah that’s a good idea, thanks!

@chartley1974 Thanks :slight_smile: I had that connection set up for the future, and for the past that bulk export is limited data in a csv file. I ended up just sharing individual workouts manually to TP, tedious but I just started using SF this year so not bad.