Taking the Workout, outdoors - Exporting a Workout

I have just started the Time Trial plan and have two workouts scheduled for outdoors this weekend.
In the past, you could export the workout from Training Peaks to a Garmin and take it from there.
Question is that I can no longer see a way to do this… I don’t have the headspace to calculate %FTP out on the road so there does not seem too much point.
Am I missing something?
Thanks in advance

Hey @Alex_Hawkes_KoS,
Email theminions@thesufferfest.com and they can send you the TrainingPeaks version of your plan if they have it.

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OK, I have done that thanks.
In my opinion this would definitely be worth adding as a feature as I live in a really nice area and would like the option to get out if possible.

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Dame Therese - has sorted this - thanks

Excellent! Dame Therese is awesome. As is our whole customer service team!