Upload previous SYSTM workout to Trainingpeaks

I have TrainingPeaks linked to SYSTM as of yesterday. I’d like to have my previous completed workouts uploaded to TrainingPeaks. If I open any of the workouts in SYSTM, they all show “Share activities” toggled on for TrainingPeaks. Is there a way to get them over to TP en masse?

I do not want things to go from TP to SYSTM.

When I connected Garmin Connect to TP, my previous rides there for the past 5 years automatically uploaded to TP. Would like similar for SYSTM.

This older thread has a potential workaround, and it looks like I still see the “Request History” link under my Profile menu towards the bottom of the page:

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Yep, but the history comes down as one CVS file with summaries of all workouts and URLs to download a FIT file for each workout. That will require downloading each file individually and manually uploading them to TrainingPeaks. I was hoping for something more automated, like what happened with Garmin Connect, but I guess I’m stuck. This is what SYSTM help says,

“If you have already multiple rides in your Ride History, you will need to upload them manually to TrainingPeaks, previous ride history will not get automatically uploaded once you sync to TrainingPeaks, only future activities will.”

Just for my SYSTM workouts over last winter, that’s 72 files.

Just go to each activity in SYSTM, and manually share it to TP.

You still have to do it 72 times, but you do not have to download a FIT file and upload it to TP.

They are all already toggled to share. They haven’t. Unclicking and reclicking still doesn’t upload to TP.

So: I downloaded the history CVS file. Converted the URLs in the CVS file to hyperlinks. Clicking on each in the Excel file downloads the FIT files to the download folder. Dragged all those files into the TP calendar. What took the most time was figuring out how to convert the text URLs to active hyperlinks in excel. That saved a lot of copy-pasting.

That is interesting, because in the past when SYSTM did not move a workout to TP, I was able to move it manually.

Your experience must have been very frustrating and annoying.

Precisely what do you mean by this?

Do you mean from this screen in the activity (from iOS)?

Or do you mean from the “Authorized apps” page?

Both. I have TP set as an Authorized app and Share Activities toggled on for each activity.

You pressed the Share button as well, right?

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Thanks. That works, but it’s a lot of clicks per workout: workout in calendar, ellipsis, “Share”, blue Share, back arrow to calendar. Repeat for next. From the spread sheet, it’s one click per workout which puts it in the download folder, then one collective drag of all those files to TP.

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