Cadence Builds/ RPM's/ Sensor Equip

I reported to Minion’s Support that the video ‘Cadence Builds’ seems to malfunction up around 160RPMs while using a Kick’R, Wahoo Cadence sensor, and iPad to run SUF. When this glitch occurs the ‘rpm meter’ starts skipping around various random numbers (115, 87, 92, 130, in rapid succession, for example) when clearly I haven’t changed cadence. The reply was that both the Kick’R and external sensor both max out around 160rpm and so therefore a new sensor would be required.
Does any one else have experience with this? If so, what make of cadence sensor are you using that allows for >160rpm to be measured in ‘Cadence Builds’?

Max. out. around. 160. rpm. :flushed:

This is a problem people have?



Yes I get the same issue. I use Kickr, iPad, Wahoo cadence sensor, too. It’s frustrating that the equipment fails. I also raised a ticket with suf and they recommended placing the cadence sensor as close as possible to the crank spindle. This is slightly better however i still get this issue at cadence > 150/160.
Suf also mentioned that as long as you’re spinning as fast as possible, you’re getting the workout’s benefits.
Still, would be better to see the true data, at least to gauge if I’m making any improvements I think!

Agreed. You can’t really say you know or made it to your max if the equipment can’t give you the number of it.

The minions added that the Garmin cadence sensor can go up to 200rpm; but in my reading of the manual online I see nothing about max rpm’s in the specs.
Does anyone use the Garmin cadence sensor?

I have used a garmin cadence sensor, a wahoo sensor, and had my kickr core report it. Both the garmin and wahoo I had attached to the crank. In terms of the data, the garmin seemed best, I never had a sense that I hit the ceiling of the sensor. I don’t have a way of verifying the garmin’s accuracy but a few times my max cadence was reported above 200 rpm for the builds. For the wahoo and the kickr core, somewhere between 160 and 170 (I cannot remember if there is a difference between them) I hit a ceiling and the reported cadence drops to about half what I would expect (i.e. it is reading in the 80s at the end of cadence build).

I don’t use the garmin one any longer because it was only ANT+ which was more of a pain, but I did find it more motivating for cadence builds, as I would try and set a cadence pb. I now tend to use the kickr core, which seems good enough for 99% of the time, and is the most reliable in terms of connection, although it does seem to have a slightly longer lag to report the cadence than the direct sensors.

Apologies for a rambling response.

I used a Garmin cadence sensor attached to the crank arm. It seemed to work just fine up to my max (192 rpm) but I’ve never been able to go beyond that.

I use my Garmin Vector 3S pedals for cadence now and they are also good into the 190’s.

Maybe one day I’ll be able to verify they can go higher :grinning:

Edit: just to add both Garmins used ANT+ for their connection

I bought a garmin cadence sensor this week and just quickly tried it out today. Seems better than the wahoo at higher cadences. It was good up to 199 rpm and then seemed to drop out just like the Wahoo.
I checked the Strava chart of the workout and as you can see cadence peaks, drops off sharply and picks up again for both the builds I tried today.
So suf support was right about the Garmin limits I guess !

is that the later version of Garmin (Garmin 2?)? where you’re using bluetooth, not ANT?

Yes that’s right, using Bluetooth (with an iPad running Suf) and Garmin 2.