Cadence seem to low

I am new. I believe I have been training to intensely so this whole set up is hard to only pull 90 watts on recoveries.
I have excepted that as a flaw in my mentality,
But I feel like a cadence of 90 is to slow, it feel unnatural especially when there is not much to push against.
I did the full throttle test.
Questions are
1-Do I just slow down cadence or does it make a difference in training when you are 10 above suggested cadence?
2-How is that number determined? ( is it part of my assessment?)

You can choose whatever cadence you like. These are, afterall, your workouts! That said, I would encourage you to learn how to use a fuller range of cadences. I started the SYSTM thing just a few months ago and also found it hard to match the suggested cadences. But I got better at it with time. The awesome thing was that it made me better on the road. Being comfortable at multiple different cadences allowed me to spread out the load, ride longer, and ride with more comfort.

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Hi @Paige and welcome what you might find is if your coming to SYSTM from either riding outdoors or from other cycling apps it will take a bit of time to adjust to the workouts as SYSTM is really the only one that isn’t just based on FTP your working with 4 different Power Numbers so adjusting cadence might seem uncomfortable and awkward at first until you use it for a few weeks. But every cyclist is different and as @AkaPete says 85/95 rpm is seen as the optimum cadence for most riders but some of us find 80 rpm is better while others are much more comfortable at 100 rpm. The cadence figure doesn’t come from the 4DP Test, that just gives you your 4 Power Numbers and your Lactate Threshold number which then gives you your Heart Rate zones.